NewsBabes Bash for Breast Cancer

Sometimes you just have to act on impulse… that is exactly what I did. I was sitting at my desk on Thursday morning and I came across the 6th Annual Newsbabes Bash for Breast Cancer advertisement. On it was a lot of amazing women in media, Dr. Jill Biden was the speaker and it was in support of Breast Cancer. Well yall already know my Mom is a breast cancer survivor as I’ve shared her story HERE. My business From Mi To You has been featured on Fox 5 twice now. How incredible is it to see the Vice President’s wife speak on a topic that is also near and dear to her heart.

I check the website to see if they had tickets available and they did. JACKPOT! I told my Babe I wanted to go but I wouldn’t do it until he told me “well you should go” for some reason I just needed to hear those words. Then everything simply fell into place.

I had to wear pink and I conveniently had a brand new $20 pink dress from Forever21 hanging in my closet. I paired it with a black cardigan from Target. I grabbed my multicolored clutch from Nine West and these cute shoes with a bow on the back. I don’t remember where I got them from. I met this lady pictured with me because she loved my clutch. hahahaha
The NewsBabes, these ladies work for different networks in the DMV but come together in the name of breast cancer awareness. The gentlemen in the picture is Barry Glassman of Glassman Wealth Services they sponsored the event. Over 400 people were in attendance to support Survivors Offering Support (SOS).
How cute are these cups of milk with chocolate cookie toppers.
Newsbabes Bash They had yummy desserts, the cupcakes are from Georgetown Cupcake.

Good Morning America (NBC) Amy Robach sent a video message, she shared her own experience with breast cancer. She was reluctant to get a mammogram but her station urged her to do so for a story. She never thought that doing so would lead to saving her own life. After getting her first mammogram she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Dr. Jill Biden was the speaker but first let me tell you how fly she was. This picture does her outfit no justice. Dr. Jill showed up and showed out okay! Breast cancer became near and dear to her heart when several of her friends were diagnosed. She has been a champion for the cause ever since. Love that!
RGIII was unable to attend the event so he sent his autographed pink breast cancer awareness cleats that he played in this past October. The NFL does an amazing job of supporting the cause.  They later auctioned them off.
Andre Roberts was there as well, he is a Wide receiver for the Washington, Redskins. The young ladies were eating him up too…
Tucker Barnes, Fox 5 Meteorologist {Mornings}
Allison Seymour, Fox 5 {Mornings}

Newsbabes Bash
Shawn Yancy, Fox 5 {Evening & Nights}
Andrea Roane, CBS 9 {Morning} She has been saving the Boobies for a long time. I don’t know where her passion came from, but she has more than proven to be a champion for breast cancer awareness.
Newsbabes Bash  

Jim Vance, NBC4 {Evening & Night} He is the coolest man on TV PERIOD!!!!
Steve Chenevey, Fox 5 {Mornings}
Wisdom Martin, Fox 5 {Mornings}
I loved this venue in Georgetown it’s on a side street in the cut. The exposed brick added to the feel of the place. I’m so getting married here. Ssssh! Everyone I met in the media and guest of the media were really nice.  I chatted it up with all types and met a lot of the media persons.
 I went to this event alone and planned to have a good time no matter what. I really did just that, I’m glad I decided to attend and looking forward to participating in years to come.


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