2 Easy DIY Canvas Wall Art Tutorials: Crayons & Paint

I’ve wanted to do some arts and crafts with the kids. The weekend of the fourth was the perfect time to do so. This is a rather cheap project; it doesn’t require any prior painting or crafting experience. This is very level 1 in difficulty. lol

What you need:

Paint: I purchased my paint from Michael’s. It inexpensive craft paint that can be used on a variety of surfaces. I picked out colors the kids would like.

Empty Bowls: I purchased a pack of store brand bowls from Target. Mine were paper but you can get whatever kind you like. Just make sure you have enough for each color to have its own bowl.

 Blank Canvas: I got a 5 pack from Michael’s but any craft store will work. You can get whatever size you want, these canvas are hang ready. You don’t need any additional framing. I got this size because we were hanging the finished product up in my daughter’s room.

 Paintbrushes: I’m a crafter so I already had these in my stash. But you can get a variety pack from any craft store. Mine included brushes and sponges, don’t be afraid to get a variety.

Water: I had a bowl of water for rinsing the brushes off between colors. I also had extra water on hand as the bowl will get dirty after a few color changes.

Paint friendly clothes: I put on some old clothes that I didn’t care about in case I got paint on me or she got paint on herself.

Paper towel: For clean up, and for drying the brushes after you rinse the paint off. It’s best to rinse your brushes and dry them off before sticking them into a new color.

I set us up outside, the paint bowls are on the table behind us along with the paint. I put old crafting cardboard down to protect the grass. I made sure we were a safe distance from the house.
I told the girls to do a “splash” style of painting.
They did that and more, they had a blast with the sponges.
This was mine, I had just as much fun as the girls.
This is our finished product. My daughter (middle) is 2.5 years old, her BFF is 4. They both did a great job following directions, they had a lot of fun but didn’t make a mess. They knew exactly what colors they wanted and were not afraid to use them. We had to make them stop painting. lol
I did this one myself, I painted the circles first. Let them dry overnight and then added the splash paint on top.  I must say I absolutely love the way it turned out.
This is how they look in her room. We used paint colors that would match her decor.
For Thanksgiving last year we did a Crayon Canvas project. It was so much fun to do. We let all the kids in the family do their own, the adults even got into it too.  It was my Babe’s idea to do the craft; we saw a YouTube video a few months prior. {The convo about how to organize the crayons was so serious in this picture} although not that serious. hahaha It depends on your level of OCD.
This board was for our than 1 year old daughter. I selected colors that would go with her bedroom décor. I kept the crayon paper on (you can remove it if you want) and made sure they were all facing the same direction. It was really cool to watch the crayons melt. I know it doesn’t sound exciting but it totally was. The non-believers in the house were sucked into the excitement at this stage.
I told you it was exciting.
This was some of their finished projects. You could see individual style in each canvas. Some colors show up better than others. All of them were really pretty and fun to do.
This is Nori’s art currently hanging in her room.
What you need:
  • Blank Canvas: See canvas details at the top.
  • Hot Glue gun: You can get from any craft store.
  • Glue sticks for your hot glue gun: Make sure you get the appropriate size for your gun.
  • Heat Gun or Hair dryer: We own a heat gun so we just used that but a hair dryer works too.
  • Crayons: The brand is up to you, we got cheap ones since we had to purchase so many. To get the look you want you will need multiple boxes of crayons.
How to do it:
Step 1: Select your canvas and decide what direction you want it to be.
Step 2: Select your crayon colors, lay them on the canvas to see if you like the look. Decide on your color order, if you want the paper off now is the time to remove it. Make sure you have enough crayons to fill the width of your canvas.
Step 3: Heat up your hot glue gun, with your crayons in place on your canvas remove a few at a time. But keep them in order. Squirt some glue on your canvas and quickly place your crayons down. {Hot glue dries quickly}. You don’t need a lot of glue so don’t get carried away. Just enough to secure your crayon. Continue doing this until all of your crayons are secured to your board.
Step 4: Hold your canvas up, if any crayons fall off secure them again. If you are good unplug your hot glue gun. We are not responsible for you burning the joint down. OKAY!
Step 5: Put down a piece of old cardboard or newspaper so you don’t mess up anything while melting the crayons. Take your canvas and heating tool (heat gun or hair dryer) and fire it up. As it gets hot you want to glide back and forth over your crayons. Some might require more heat than others. Don’t get so close that you melt the crayons, the canvas and anything else nearby.
Let the now melted crayons harden back up on your canvas and it is ready to hang.
In this pano pic of Nori’s room you can see her paint and crayon canvas art.
These types of craft are great for home decor but they also make super cool gifts for the grands or god parents.
Have fun crafting! If you decide to do this project please share your final results with us. We would love to feature some of your work. If you are on IG/Twitter tag us @mimicutelips if are on facebook find us HERE.


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