#FatSnacks Friday Finga Licking, Miami Gardens

Hey Cuties,

The family and I have been enjoying a relaxing week of vacation in Miami Beach.  Every time I come to Miami I try to eat at a new spot. Earlier this year I interviewed the Mayor of Miami Gardens and he said I had to check out Finga Licking the next time I was in town.


In July 2015 Finga Licking opened in Miami Gardens, this was the second location for the restaurant chain.  This location is geared towards take-out while the original location is larger and geared towards dining in.

Finga Licking Miami

12490 7th Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL

Although the food is good, a lot of the popularity of Finga Licking is its famous owners. DJ. Khaled, who has topped the charts countless times and is the King of Snap Chat where he shares his Keys to Success. Fun Fact: He used to be the DJ for the Terror Squad back in the day. Remember Big Pun and Fat Joe? Poe Boy Entertainment founder Elric “E-Class” Prince. He responsible for Miami artists like Flo Rida and Rick Ross. The owner is a young lady named Tasha.

Famous owners mean famous friend stopping by all the time.

Finga Licking Miami

The decor was simple, yet colorful. The tables and some of the walls are wrapped in this writing. It has the establishment’s name on it and menu items.  The menu is a mixture of Caribbean and soul food, and I wanted soul food.

Finga Licking Miami

Finga Licking Chicken Wing Dinner

I went with the Finga Licking Chicken Wing Dinner, and it came with two sides. I selected candied yams and macaroni and cheese. I shared this with LittleCuteLips and yeah, she crushed it. Next time she will get her own meal. The price point is cheap, this was $11.99.

Finga Licking Miami

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wing Dinner

Babe went with the Lemon Pepper Chicken Wing Dinner, with broccoli and fries for his side. The Manchild got a combination of out two meals. He had the same sides as me but with the lemon pepper wings like his Dad. $11.99

They have a “Mystery Drink” that is popular on the menu. It is a colorful combination of lemonade flavors with fresh fruit. We didn’t try it this time, but people were ordering it like crazy. Although we ordered chicken, they have shrimp, lobster, crab rice, and other items on the menu.

The food was okay, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had but I would likely eat here again. Everyone ate their food with no hesitation and our bellies were pleased. I would go back and check out some other items on the menu.

finga licking miami

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  1. Ty

    That looks so good. Your Fat Snacks Post should not be read in the morning before you have had breakfast because my stomach is now growling like crazy. Great post.

  2. Claudia Krusch

    I am in love with the name of this restaurant. I would love to check it out and try the Finga Licking Chicken Wing Dinner,.

  3. Heather

    You had me at wing dinner. Why’s it always gotta be an appetizer?!

  4. Jennifer G

    Well if I am ever in Miami, I already know I have to go here. This is totally my kind of food. Messy and DELICIOUS. All of this made my tummy grumble.

  5. Kim

    I have not been to Miami in a while, but my cousin frequents this place and wanted to go since seeing him post pics on IG. And now you! I have to go. everything looks good.

  6. Shannon Gurnee

    This sounds like a yummy place to eat at! Looks like your family enjoyed their meal!

  7. Misty Nelson Dawn

    I haven’t been there and looks a great place to visit and their food really looked awesome this makes me hungry so much.

  8. sara

    The pictures you took make it look amazing! Too bad you didn’t love the food.

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