#IABFLYIN: Small Publisher Conference & Fly-In Recap

Hey Cuties, Last week I spent two days with the fine folks of the Interactive Advertising Bureau {IAB}. They hosted a F-R-E-E two day Small Publisher Conference & Fly-In, in Washington, DC. This was the first time I'd heard of them, but I plan to be a regular going forward. I immediately signed up not knowing what to expect and not knowing anyone else that had been. IAB brings small publishers to DC to discuss hot topics and then to meet members of Congress and their staff. The event was hosted by Google and AOL so I knew it couldn't be bad.

5 Signs It’s Time to Let Go

Happy Easter Monday Cuties, I was listening to the amazing Doreen Rainey on the Act Like A Success Series and she spoke to my soul. You ever hear someone say something and in that very moment you feel like you are the only person present because the message is exactly what you needed to hear? We don't always want to hear it but you find yourself asking HOW DO YOU KNOW MY LIFE? The truth of the matter is they don't, but clearly this word was meant for you.  I was that girl...

What does your Passion Portfolio look like? #SECONDSHIFTBOOK

Hey Cuties, How was your weekend? I had an adventurous weekend; it was crazy to say the least.  I can't wait to tell you all about it on Wednesday.  Last week I think I lost my mojo a bit. I was suddenly worried about the content I was sharing on here. I wasn't sure if you liked it, then I was worried that you might be sick of it.  Then I had no idea what to share and questioned if I should even keep going. My feels were all over the place.  I'm glad that you can't paint me into one box but sometimes that complicates things. I like what I like and I'm unapologetic yet very particular about it.  I'm a gal of many talents and it is so hard for me to narrow them down to one thing. I sometimes feel like the world will only accept you as one thing. No, not so. This post is part of Second Shift Blog Tour; I'm in dope blogging company.  To learn more and to join us as we tell the world how to maximize their influence, CLICK HERE!

5 Essential Tips for Bloggers

Hey Cuties,

Another week is in the books, the kids are still out of school but they rerun on Monday. AMEN! Tomorrow it's going to be 52 and then 60 on Sunday. Oh Yeah! Before I run off to enjoy the warmer temps I wanted to share some Blogging Tips I shared on Periscope this week.

Real Money Answers for Every Woman

Hey Cuties,

I've been selfish, I meal REAL selfish. I shared my 2016 goals with you and they included me getting my entire life together. One of my goals was to read more and Patrice Washington is out here saving souls one coin at time. It was so good I had to quit being selfish and share with my favorite cuties. I want us all to win in life, I'm only as good as the people I surround myself with right? Right! So let's win together, cheers to kicking @$$ and taking names in 2016.

A sip of MimiCuteLips – Ingenio Boutique Mugs

Happy Friday Cuties,

It's you a misty rain type of day in the DMV {DC, MD, VA} area. The temps are above 40 so I'm totally okay with it. I'm packing and getting ready for the Moguls in Media event in Philly tomorrow. If you are in the area grab a ticket {use my discount} and a friend then meet me there. The Style Medic and I will be road tripping up and would love to see you. Tune in to our chronicles on Instagram.

Kicking … and taking names. Hello 2016

Happy Hump Day!  My schedule says we are back at work, but my body hasn't gotten the memo yet.  I shared my year in review with you and the reception made me feel like a rock star.  Now I want to share my 2016 with you. Buckle up, you know for safety, don't touch the radio but by all means do enjoy these jams. It's a new year but I'm the same Cutie, just turning up on these dreams.  I'm sharing them with you because you're my cuties; and you will keep me accountable.

Happy New Year : MimiCutelips 2015 Year in Review

Hey Cuties,

We are down to the last day of 2015, Happy New Year! I appreciate you for rocking with me. I hope I've shared something that connected with you one way or another.  I read all your comments and I try to reply to each of them. I don't take your time for granted, you could be anywhere in the world but I appreciate that you come here to chat with me. This year has been major in a rather low key kind of way. Sometimes it takes some reflecting to realize just how far you've come. That applies across the board in life, when we are in the thick of things it's hard to realize the how far we've come. 2015 was a year of preparation for me and let me tell you MIMICUTELIPS IS READY HONEY!

MimiCuteLips Tee Shop

Hey Cuties,

I've been sitting on this project and now I'm finally ready to share it with you. I'm a t-shirt and Chuck Taylor person to my core. If you've ever met me I probably had those two items on. I love to dress them up with a pencil skirt or chill it on out with a pair of jeans. I created a shop that incorporates two of my favorite things and some of my favorite sayings. I just wanted to create a few designs and then my creativity got the best of me. So I just ran with it and this is what I've come up with. ALL shirts are printed on American Apparel.
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