These blog post are about events I’ve attended in various cities and states.

Tips for an amazing Diner En Blanc Experience

Hey Cuties, My weekend was full honey, so full I'm still trying to play catch up. On Saturday I attended Diner En Blanc and Sunday I was covering day two of the Ubiquitous Beauty & Health Expo. Both of them were equally amazing for a lot of different reasons.  I will share both of those recaps on the blog this week.  We are pressing the wrap it up button on August and about to usher in September. 

Capital Solstice DC Event Recap

Hey Cuties,

Last Friday Babe and I set out on a working date to the Capital Solstice Black Tie Cocktail Dinner by TTC Private Chefs & Dinning Services.  The event boast about a nine course meal and a magical experience. That did happen, but not like you're thinking. Can you really sit down and eat a nine course meal? If you answered yes you are a totally fatty, and we should do lunch. *High Five* The meal was served in a traditional tapas style; small plates.  This wasn't a sit and eat time of affair. The goal is for you to eat and mix and mingle while enjoying the entertainment.

Six Flags America Splashwater Falls, Hurricane Harbor

Hey Cuties, This weekend was a hot one, I'm talking hot for no reason hot. The dope folks at Six Flags invited us out for a day of fun at their Splashwater Falls inside Hurricane Harbor and a Crab Feast. Yes, they gave us complimentary entrance into the park and then fed us. It doesn't get any better than this. I shared my roller coaster experience and y'all laughed at me. From here on out it is all water park all the time.

WOE Magazine Launch Recap

Hey Cuties, On Monday I mentioned my full weekend and attending the WOE Magazine Launch event. Here we go... WOE stands for Women of Excellence, well I'll drink to that. I won't go into details as to why I'm a woman of excellence just know that I am and you are too. I love attending events but knowing what to wear is always the hardest part for me. I'm an emotional dresser, is that a thing? I dress according to my current feeling, a feeling I was to embody or a feeling I want to give off. On this day I wanted to go for a comfy cube vibe. When you attend events as media you do more standing and moving around instead of sitting and being cute. Always cute though...

Essence Festival Recap: Musician Edition

Hey Cuties,

Happy Monday, I hope you had a great weekend. Ours was full, on Friday I attempted a DIY #fail. On Saturday I attended the WOE Magazine Launch which was amazing. I followed that up with a baby shower with the family; I won two games. *body roll* Sunday we went jumping around at an indoor trampoline place with friends, it was 21 of us in total.  After all that jumping we hit up the Silver Diner still 21 deep. Add in a couple of errands and then back home. Did you tune into the first episode of season 3 of POWER? The cast of Power was at Essence Festival but I didn't get a chance to catch up with them. I did however catch up with all of these singers; I can't wait to spill the tea below.

Part 1: Tramping  Around New Orleans  Part 2: Essence Festival Recap: Actors Edition  Part 3: New Orleans #FatSnacks  Part 4: Essence Festival Recap: Music Edition  Part 5: New Orleans Music & Culture

Not Your Average Joe’s – Silver Spring, MD

Hey Cuties, It is another dope Friday here at and another #FatSnacks Friday. Over the weekend my Bloggy Boo's and I attended the VIP Soft Opening of Not Your Average Joe's in Silver Spring, MD. You already know how I feel about food, so there was no way I was going to miss this sacred experience. Until now I had never been to Not Your Average Joe's so I was really looking forward to it. Not Your Average Joe's officially opened up to the public on Tuesday, July 12th. Please pay them a visit at 8661 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD; they are in the heart of downtown Silver Spring.

Essence Festival Recap: Actors Edition

Hey Cuties, This has been a tough week, I was all excited about sharing my Essence experience and then I couldn't form the words. Real life is happening and it had me stuck. I have two black men in my home that I worry about constantly. I don't want anyone to be threatened by the color of their skin. In the spirit of all of this brown-ness I'm sharing part 2 of my trip.

Part 1: Tramping  Around New Orleans  Part 2: Essence Festival Recap: Actors Edition  Part 3: New Orleans #FatSnacks  Part 4: Essence Festival Recap: Music Edition  Part 5: New Orleans Music & Culture

Love the Hair You Wear {Event Recap}

Hey Cuties, My Hump Day Wednesday is jammed packed with things to do. I fly out to the New Orleans for the Essence Festival in the morning.  I’ve done all the laundry in the house, I’ve been cleaning and packing and cleaning off the DVR and about fifty other things. I always feel like I have time to do this and that and then I’m always in a rush. I will be posting to social media {Twitter, IG, FB & Snap} the entire time so make sure you take the trip with me. Hello, the ultimate #FatSnacks.

United State of Women Summit, Dopest Day Ever #StateofWomen

Hey Cuties, When I say Tuesday, June 14th was the most epic ever that is barely scratching the surface on what I mean. I watched my first born receive certificates for his academic excellence, we received a parent award and my kid say good-bye to Elementary School. I was proud, I'm sure I walked around with my chest poked out a bit. After his ceremony I high tailed it to the city. I've spent the past eight years wanting to be in the presence of the POTUS and the FLOTUS. Every year I try to get into the Easter Egg Roll and every year I get rejected. I'm an avid Target shopper and so is the FLOTUS but I've yet to see her at her favorite Target.