Month: March 2010

What will you leave behind?

Today I attended the memorial service for Mr. Paul S. Devrouax Jr. he was a principal in Devrouax & Purnell, one of Washington's largest black-owned architecture firms. He and his partner, Marshall Purnell, designed the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center, the first major building to rise on U Street in decades. It was at the vanguard of an entire neighborhood's revival... For more than 30 years, Paul S. Devrouax Jr. helped weave the urban fabric of Washington. He and his firm worked on some of the region's largest and most significant buildings, including the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, the Pepco building, what is now Verizon Center and the Freddie Mac headquarters in McLean. Along with HOK Sport of Kansas City, Devrouax & Purnell designed Washington's Nationals Park, which opened in 2008.

Love is love…

Do we as people complicate love, or does love complicate us? It is a very natural desire to need and want to be loved. Traditionally women are more out spoken about their quest to find love. The truth of the matter is while men aren’t as vocal as women it is just as important to them. They not only want and need to feel loved they need to feel appreciated, respected and wanted.

Synchronize the time…

Where did all my time go? I'm putting an A.P.B out on the time, most importantly MY time. I have been a mom for 5 years + 10 months of pregnancy. I have been a significant other since age 16 (with a 2 year break in there). I have worked a 9 to 5 since age 18. I am a homeowner (read maid) I run a successful business {Life Inspired Professional Services (LIPS) for over 1 year now. Not to mention a great friend, daughter, sister, auntie and a host of other titles.

Mi Time Chart

The value of friendship…

Friendship is a big deal to me, I don’t have a ton of close friends but the ones I have I keep close. I feel like I’ve always been a good friend post Elementary school. I think we learn the dynamics of friendship from grade 4-6. Some friendships require more work than others but a friendship is a relationship and so there is work involved. There is great value in friendship. I am a very social gal, love to chat; I’m all about a good time, and rather easy to get along with. My friendships kind of fall into the following categories: Childhood: My girls that I’ve known since Elementary school. These girls and I have childhood secrets like who we had a crush on, who our first kiss was and silly things of that nature. We have remained close during middle school, high school and into our adult life. We aren't as close as we once were but we pick up where we left off when we do get together.