Month: April 2010


Do’s & Don’ts of the Inter-webs

The inter-webs have been around since the late 90's. We all remember dialing up AOL to get a connection. Remember the sound it made ha! Now 10+ years later the internet has evolved to what we see today. Since its inception there has been no secret that what you put out there is THERE FOREVER! No, you can't take it back and yes there is always a record not to mention you never know who will stumble upon it. With that said I still see repeat offenders surfing the webs. Yes in 2010 we still have people putting all their personal business out there for the masses. Social networking websites are probably among-st the most popular on the internet. Most popular right now are MySpace and Facebook. I've not been on MySpace in some years so my specifics are all things I've seen and or read on Facebook. I will not include names because my intent isn't to be messy. HOWEVER I've not made any of this up. Before I delve into some specifics let's start with some facts. Per here are a few facts.

Kindergarten Prep – Dental Visit

As we begin the early stages of getting ready for kindergarten I was on a mission to find the perfect dentist for my son. The other dentist was the only one in his practice and not available to my liking. My co-worker told me about her daughter's dentist. Neibauer Dental, I go online and I'm impressed right away. I see two Black doctors, two Asian doctors, a Middle Eastern doctor and few white doctors. My first thought it YES DIVERSITY!!! Then I see they are open seven days a week. WHO DOES THAT?!? I call the location of my choosing and the person on the other end was really friendly and had an available appointment within two days. SWEET! My 5 year old loves the dentist so I had no worries in that regard. However I was curious to see if "all that glitters is gold". We arrived a little early do all of the first time patient paperwork and wait our turn. About 10 minutes later they call us back. The young lady was really friendly and made small talk with my son. She puts him in the chair and asks him what cartoons he likes.

My new favorite thing – Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding

I went to Target this weekend (no surprise there) and I was all excited to see Miss Jessie's products are finally in stores.
miss jessies
My natural journey began in July 2005 and I started using Miss Jessie's curly pudding soon thereafter.  They have a few types of curly puddings but this one is my favorite. It smells yummy and help defines your natural curl pattern. Problem is the price (this jar is $38.00) but it does last a long time. I only apply this to my short natural hair when wet.

Motorcycle Safety

[caption id="attachment_3224" align="aligncenter" width="482"]motorcycle safety My Babe![/caption]

Motorcycle season is upon us please be mindful of the bikers on the roads. When you hear them stay where you are and they will move around you.  Every year many bikers are killed some as a result of their own error, some accidental, but many because drivers fail to see them.  My sweetie is a rider and last year he attended quite a few memorial rides for a fellow motorcyclist who went down and well... never came home. I must keep my biker safe, this one is ALL ME!