Do’s & Don’ts Of The Inter-Webs

The inter-webs have been around since the late 90’s. We all remember dialing up AOL to get a connection. Remember the sound it made ha! Now 10+ years later the internet has evolved to what we see today. Since its inception there has been no secret that what you put out there is THERE FOREVER! No, you can’t take it back and yes there is always a record not to mention you never know who will stumble upon it.

With that said I still see repeat offenders surfing the webs. Yes in 2010 we still have people putting all their personal business out there for the masses. Social networking websites are probably among-st the most popular on the internet. Most popular right now are MySpace and Facebook. I’ve not been on MySpace in some years so my specifics are all things I’ve seen and or read on Facebook. I will not include names because my intent isn’t to be messy. HOWEVER I’ve not made any of this up.

Before I delve into some specifics let’s start with some facts. Per Merriam-Webster.com here are a few facts.

Main Entry:  In·ter·net 

Function: noun
 an electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world

Main Entry: per·son·al

Function: adjective
of, relating to, or affecting a particular person : private, individual  financial gain

Now that we got our facts out of the way let’s talk basics:

  • Everything isn’t for everybody
  • Don’t post your personal business
  • When you post statements and or questions you give people a pass to ask questions and pass judgement
  • Don’t post when you are angry
  • Clean up the background prior to posting pictures (don’t have panties, babies, a dirty house and other random things in the background)
  • If you want to post naked pictures make sure you post to a porn site. I don’t want to see your butt.
  • Just because you take a lot of pictures doesn’t make you a model
  • Just because a photographer has their own website doesn’t mean you should pose for them.

Now here are some specific things I’ve seen:

Posting about one’s court situation… do we need a play by play of your case which is currently being reviewed by the court system? Do you think this will somehow help your case? Surely you do realize this information could be subpoenaed into court thus making you look stupid.

Angry rants… so you post your personal business on the internet for the world to see then you get mad when people comment on it, talk about it in other formats and then you tell people to get some business. No boo you shared your business. If they didn’t know they couldn’t talk about it. There is no need to ask for the latest scoop when you can just log on to FB and its right there in your time line? (See Basics bullets 1-4) Oh take 2 chill pills and don’t get on the internet for 72 hours.

Posting about who is and is not your  “baby daddy” is high up on the list of things that aren’t for Facebook. You aren’t making the situation better you are simply adding in a ton of other people who were none the wiser until you posted for the world to see.

Breaking News, I know we are all excited to share good news and you have every right to do so. However don’t force it upon me via your uterus. I’m happy you are having a boy and or a girl however I don’t need to see the inside of your womb to be happy for you. A simple post saying IT’S A BOY/GIRL never goes out of style. It also keeps me from cringing when I log onto Facebook. Aren’t your innards a private matter?

I’m mad that I have to tell you do not post pictures of the dead. Not the baby, your granddaddy, or your favorite Auntie. Do not post pictures of the dead I don’t need to see that. *wall slide* It isn’t fair to us, we can’t un-see that.

I need people to understand the importance of OVER SHARING! If there is one thing I’ve learned about Facebook it is as big as it is small. The degrees of separation are insane; you never know who knows who and how they know them. Be smart about the things you post! Realize that one rant via your status message can keep you from getting that job, winning a court case and going to jail.

You’ve been warned, don’t let this be you. See you around the inter-webs.

what not to post on facebook

What foolishness have your eyes witnessed on the web? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


Article written by:

Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. B. Cooley

    I hope the RIGHT people see this!!

  2. Ms-gg

    Preach Mimi! Some people have no idea how REAL the internet is.

  3. Nay

    I just want to clap/applaud to the don’ts you have in this people. I am a big supporter of not putting out your personal business on social media unless it well thought out. I remember the days of AOL and Juno and in that time people were hiding behind screen names. Since I know that time oh to well, I’m weary of putting information out today.

  4. Pump

    OH MY LANTA! I need to share this post on my personal page. I always see a little bit of it all. Always far too much!

  5. Tiffany Arlene

    Yes to all of this! People tend to jump on the inter webs and carry on as if it is a personal diary when it is NOT. TMI is a real thing!

  6. Kendra

    You are so right about this! Amazing how things haven’t changed and now we get to see alls of it on FB, IG and even FB live!

  7. Joanna

    Still very relevant. I knew a girl that posted her son’s first time on the potty. I deleted her immediately.

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