Kindergarten Prep – Dental Visit

As we begin the early stages of getting ready for kindergarten I was on a mission to find the perfect dentist for my son. The other dentist was the only one in his practice and not available to my liking. My co-worker told me about her daughter’s dentist. Neibauer Dental, I go online and I’m impressed right away. I see two Black doctors, two Asian doctors, a Middle Eastern doctor and few white doctors. My first thought it YES DIVERSITY!!! Then I see they are open seven days a week. WHO DOES THAT?!? I call the location of my choosing and the person on the other end was really friendly and had an available appointment within two days. SWEET!

My 5 year old loves the dentist so I had no worries in that regard. However I was curious to see if “all that glitters is gold”. We arrived a little early do all of the first time patient paperwork and wait our turn. About 10 minutes later they call us back. The young lady was really friendly and made small talk with my son. She puts him in the chair and asks him what cartoons he likes.

Kindergarten dental prep

Yes he gets to sit in the exam chair and watch cartoons. TIMES A CHANGING! He is most certainly pleased, the minute the girl said cartoons they were speaking his language. She asks him what flavor toothpaste would he like. I think its toothpaste; it’s whatever they use to do the cleaning. He was undecided so we went with Berry Cherry. Next the hygienist comes in and tells Nasir what she is going to do step by step. She made sure he was comfortable at all times. As a mommy that was comforting to me. 
Kindergarten dental prep
She put on these Ray Charles glasses so the bright light wouldn’t hurt his eyes. He thought they were really funny.
Kindergarten dental prep
She calls the thing that sucks your saliva out Mr. Thirsty. Nasir was supposed to kiss Mr. Thirsty whenever he felt the need or when she told him too. This is the highlight of his entire visit. Yes, how can you not enjoy having saliva sucked out of your mouth? o_O She explains her other tools, they count his teeth and she starts the cleaning.
Kindergarten dental prep
Fluoride treatment makes him look like a duck. You know I had to get a picture of this. Dad had to work so I had to capture everything on the camera and my blackberry so he could feel like he was there. After this they had a pep talk and he was all done. The good news is his teeth are healthy, while he is currently missing 3, he has an adult molar in the back and 2 loose. YES HE IS ABOUT TO LOOSE TWO MORE TEETH. I mean what is the difference between missing 3 and missing 5? They gave him a new toothbrush, tooth paste and he got to take a plunge in the treasure chest.
Kindergarten dental prep
Yup, we love this place and will be back in 6 months.
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