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My New Favorite Thing – Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding

I went to Target this weekend (no surprise there) and I was all excited to see Miss Jessie’s products are finally in stores.  My natural journey began in July 2005 and I started using Miss Jessie’s curly pudding soon thereafter.  They have a few types of curly puddings but this one is my favorite. It smells yummy and help defines your natural curl pattern. Problem is the price (this jar is $38.00) but it does last a long time. I only apply this to my short natural hair when wet.

Under that display were some other products. I purchased one and OMG I’m so in love.  I’m not the product junkie type; I don’t just try products because someone says they are good. I stick to what I’ve been using since 05 as long as they still work for my hair. With that said this product has changed MY LIFE. It is made by Shea Moisture however I don’t see the item on their website. It is called Organic Raw Shea Butter “Deep Treatment Masque w/ Sea Kelp, Argan Oil & Shea Butter”. It is for Dry, Damaged Hair and helps to heal, grow and strengthen. At least that is what the jar says.
 shea moisture
It smells like cake batter (yummy), it doesn’t make my hair hard like gels. It isn’t very thick in consistency, and a little does a lot.  It makes my hair feel soft all day long, you can use and rinse or LEAVE IN. Best of all it only cost $9.99. Now I told yall I don’t just buy products, but I would be a lie if I said I didn’t want to see what else this line has to offer.
shea moisture
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  1. Moka

    U got this from Target as well?

  2. Mimicutelips

    Yup Target in particular the one in Brandywine.

  3. Khaliha

    Hmmm I wonder what it will do for my hair. I think I wanna do curly for the rest of the year, (i think).

  4. Anonymous

    Mimi Girl….First let me start off by saying thanks for the link (This is Chelsea). Second the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque is nothing but the truth!(Go Target) I bought it about two weeks ago and I could just eat it up! Literally!! hair is so soft and hydrated! I use it as a deep treatment about once a week, although you can use it more often and even as a leave in! The uses are endless and so is the results! 5 stars for this product it has become a staple for my natural doo!!

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