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Three Mother’s Days in a row I have attended a tea with my mother and sister. Over those years I got the tea party itch and wanted to host a tea of my own.  In 2006 I purchased my own tea set and let me tell you it is a beauty. The theme of my set is butterflies, but they are so tiny I won’t actually use them. From then I began to shop around for all of the perfect accessories to coordinate nicely with my set. As luck would have it I found the perfect bowl and plate from Target. I found other random accessories from Home Goods, Michael’s and any other spots that had something butterfly-esque.

Well five years later my time came and LADIES & GENTLEMEN I hosted my very first tea. For those that know me know I’m a lover of all things creative, crafts and planning. So I decided I would host a Post Mother’s Day brunch since I was out of town on Mother’s Day. I assembled my guest list, confirmed their availability and sent out my invitations.

So I sent out five invitations, each a different color, each with a different butterfly. Here I captured each butterfly so you can see how they looked. I put in one full copy so you can visualize how each were styled different but looked the same.

Butterfly Tea Party

Tea Party Invites

Next up I started working on the menu, I did some Google research and thought about the things I was served at the tea parties I’ve gone to. I settled out on my 4 course meal. 1. Fruit (typically soup but I don’t like soup) 2. Muffins (typically scones) 3. Finger sandwiches 4. Dessert (petit fours and a pudding treat)
Now that my menu was squared away it was time for the fun stuff. DECORATING!!! I told y’all I’ve been buying stuff for years so it was nice to pull it all together. Every table needs a center piece. I picked out these beautiful flowers from Safeway and put them into this over size butterfly tea pot I got from Michael’s.

Butterfly Tea Party

Flower Tea Pot Vase

Next up was the drink station, now Tea is a must but my nieces were in attendance so we needed an alternative as well. So I made “church” punch. Some might get others may not (heathens). Frozen party punch with maraschino cherries, pineapples, and mandarin oranges. Then you pour Ginger Ale over top all of that.
Butterfly Tea Party

Punch anyone?

Now it’s time to set the table. My vision was a lot of bright vibrant colors, butterflies yet cute.
Butterfly Tea Party

Place settings

 Butterfly Tea Party
Here is a snap shot of my table. I had colored place mats for each setting. The small turquoise tea pot on the table holds sugar cubes in the bottom part (left) and milk in the top part (right). I think I found the little tea pot at Home Goods.
Butterfly Tea Party

Tea Bags

These little cuties came from Michael’s craft store and I put my tea bags in them. They were placed on each side of the flower tea pot on the table.
Butterfly Tea Party

Butterfly Plate and bowl

This is a close up on my plate and bowl set compliments of Target a year or so ago.
Butterfly Tea Party

Butterfly Tea Cakes

My sister-in-law made these adorable little petit fours for my tea party. I love the little butterflies on top.
Butterfly Tea Party


No party is complete without goody bags.
Butterfly Tea Party
Everyone got a decorative tea cup in their bag. They were all different colors and designs.
I am proud to say my very first tea was a hit. I think I will do an annual Post Mother’s Day Brunch. My sister was sick and couldn’t come so I have to do another just for her.
DIY Butterfly tea party Mother's Day Tea Party 2010
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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Ms-gg

    Mimi, you outdid yourself! What a lovely arrangement! If I ever host a tea party I want mine to be just like yours!

    And lol@ church punch! That church punch be so good! lol.

    This is random, but you just gave me an idea, it would be awesome if one of those nappturality meet-ups would be a tea party! That would be so much fun!

  2. HelloMissKitty

    Very nice Mimi. I must say I never had the pleaure of attending a tea party. It’s something us southern folks usually don’t do, we mostly stick to the bar-b-ques lol. But I’m going to put this in my mother hear. It’s a must that I try this.
    The church punch *Smiles* is very good, it’s to die for. We have it at every function, babyshowers, weddings, bar-b-ques girl the whole nine yards.
    But job well done! God Bless!

  3. Naturalesque!

    How girly and CUTE! ^_^ I love love LOVE colors! You did a wonderful job. I love the new blog layout too! COLORFUL!

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