Month: June 2010

You can get the finger!

I was on a quest to find some super cute aqua socks. I began to Google search to find something cute and stylish. You know how I do! In my search I came across Vibram Five Fingers they are shoes that look like toe socks. Sweet I know, so I find a City Sports (2 blocks from my job) that sells them. I go in and check them out. What do I see a PINK PAIR! I immediately try them on and OMG it was heaven right here on earth. I purchased them and the craze began. I rocked them in Target and people would stop and ask me questions. Others would just point and talk about them amongst themselves. It's really funny to see how people respond to them. The comfort is amazing; it really does feel like you are barefoot. You have a thin piece of rubber under the bottom and even that's designed really cute like. I wear toe socks in the winter so I had no problems adjusting to my toes being separated; for others that might take some getting used to. I can't wait to sport them on the beach.