Guess Who Loves Me More…

Most of the people that know me know just how crazy I am. Well this blog is a testament to such foolishness I love to indulge in. My boo (Bri) and I dubbed ourselves Lucy & Ethel years ago. Since the inception of our friendship there has been one foolish story after another. I think we have a crazy magnet that makes the simplest things sheer hilarity.

This picture is the latest story in our foolish lives. Bri went on vacation to Jamaica and though I wasn’t there she was thinking of me. She ran into Raheem Devaughn and asked him to take this picture just for me.

Raheem Devaughn

For those of you who live under a rock this is none other than Raheem Devaughn, the R&B hippie neosoul rock star aka Radio Raheem. Proudly confessing to the world that he loves me. hahahahahaha

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  1. Ms-gg

    That is so cool MiMi!

  2. Naturalesque

    Your blog is so pretty. LOL! I love colors. Oh and how cool is that pic? You have a great friend.

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