Girl, where did you get those?

Anyone that knows me knows I like funky and different things. Either I make them, stumble upon them or simply seek them out. Well one night I was OEF’ing (read browsing the inter webs) on Fotki natural hair albums. I came across this girl with some hot earrings on; picture after picture I saw bold, creative, and funky styles.

I had to know where she got them from. She told me a place called Nappy Rutz. Oh word! Nappy Rutz creates Nappy Inspired T-shirts and handmade earrings designed with a Natural woman in mind! Sounds like me huh? I know! Too bad my napps are currently held hostage by these micros. Nevertheless here are the two pair of earrings I ordered.

Nappy Rutz
These are a black comic.
Nappy Rutz
These are newspaper.
Nappy Rutz
If you like what you see show Cherie some love. She is a very beautiful sister doing her thing.

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