How do you love?

Yesterday as I was walking to the Metro (Subway) I got to thinking about life and love. Random I know but that’s how this brain of mine works. In my thinking I put love in two categories.

a.) you are in love with your significant other and loving and affectionate.

b.) you show your love by being a great provider and parent.
I then thought of the couples I know and placed them into one of the above categories; of course this is based on my own opinion using what I know about them and how they interact with one another. Naturally I know more about some more than others, but that’s what made my thoughts even more interesting. Either way I was really intrigued by this thinking and sought out some opinions and thoughts from others.

One married guy felt he was doing what he was supposed to do for the most part, not necessarily what his heart wants to do. He has kids and it’s really about their needs and him finding a content space which will meet his needs.
I respect this and I understand. Don’t we shop for certain qualities in one another? You want someone who shares the same morals, work ethic, as you. You want someone who you think would be a great mother/father to your child. Do those things trump the loving, adoration and affection we all desire?
I then spoke with my mommy and she told me her pastor is currently preaching a series on this subject. Guess I would know if I went to church right? DON’T JUDGE ME… anyway the jest of the series is how you marry your mate for those redeeming qualities and not just for love. You will grow to love one another. WOW!
Women feel loved by men when they are very affectionate towards them. Men feel loved by women respecting them. I just want BOTH!!!
I want that Barack & Michelle Obama kind of love. If you don’t know what that means here are a few visuals. I want my man to look at me this way after all these years, kids, and career.

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  1. Claudette

    Also, remember that good marriages don’t just happen. They are earned when the husband and wife work through the trials and tribulations of life together as they become ONE. A good marriage is the result of a lot of “selfless” choices. Marriage is not about the husband OR the wife but rather about the husband AND the wife.

  2. Chanell

    I want for our people to want that Barack and Michelle kind of love. The love of decades gone by.

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