DIY Costume “MimiMouse”

Hey Cuties,

I don’t typically dress up for Halloween but this year my niece (5 years old) was having a Birthday Halloween Party. She requested everyone come dressed in costumes.

I knew right away I wanted to go as Minnie Mouse but this also means I need a Mickey Mouse. We will get to that part later. In July of this year, we took our son to Disney World. You know, where the magic happens. While there I got some ears for myself and my son. You can’t go without getting the ears.

DIY Minnie Mouse Costume 1

Rocking our ears – Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL

So I had ears and an apron. I need more for my bottom so I borrowed a black tutu from BriCooley, and put on a pair of black leggings under it. The only thing I needed was a top. That part I was all confused about, I’ve seen so many top variations for Minnie. I made a game time decision the day before the party.
DIY Minnie Mouse Costume11

Disney Minnie Mouse apron

 You know Disney has a way of making you want to buy everything.  So I purchased this apron because it was cute. I don’t even like to cook.
DIY Minnie Mouse Costume 2
I went online (read Google) and found a silhouette of Mickey & Minnie. I printed them out, cut them out and laminated them.
DIY Minnie Mouse Costume 3
I purchased a black t-shirt from Wal-Mart (Don’t judge me y’all and don’t tell Target) out of the little boy’s sections and purchased some red puff paint. I went home and traced the silhouette with pencil and then with puff paint.  It was a bit of a challenge tracing on fabric with a pencil, but obviously not impossible.
DIY Minnie Mouse Costume 8

Design complete

I was so pleased with my results. Now I just hope once it’s all put together it comes out the way I see it in my mind.
DIY Minnie Mouse Costume 9

Minnie Mouse is ready

It turned out perfectly, I decided on pearls to complete my look. Ear-bobs, necklace, and bracelet.
DIY Minnie Mouse Costume 5

Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse

Babe’s ears came from our son; I got his t-shirt from Hot Topic.  What Minnie is complete without her Mickey. My Babe was such a good sport.
DIY Minnie Mouse Costume 6

Minnie Mouse at the party

Here I am head to toe. We did some outdoor activities so I put on all black chucks.
DIY Minnie Mouse Costume 7

Minnie Mouse playing a game

These were the only shots I had of the tutu.  I loved the way our costumes turned out.  It didn’t break the bank and we had a lot of fun.
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  1. Chanell

    U are so crafty. I love it! I need to have some kids so they can go play at Auntie Mimi’s!

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  6. Carissa

    I always love your costumes that you make…you are so creative! I have to dress up for work this year and its a Luau Party theme, so I guess I need to channel my inner Mimi to be comfortable and cute at the same time!

  7. Kemkem

    You look so cute in that outfit! a Mimi Mouse!!! You should wear it again, Halloween is just right around the corner. I love how you can do a bunch of stuff yourself..definitely have no talent for it ;-).

  8. Daria

    That is so creative and so not me, lol… I’ve been trying lately, though…. We had a Minnie party for my grand-daughter almost two weeks ago. Everything came together in the end, but it was definitely a task. I had her Minnie outfit made. Ya’ll definitely look cute. I never dress up for Halloween but after seeing you two, I just might see who’s having a party. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Marsha

    That was a very cute and creative idea for a Minnie costume!! And your hubby was a good sport lol!

  10. Tamika Hall

    That is sooooo stinkin cute!!! I love how you were able to create this yourself!!

  11. Kim

    Mimi Mouse is cute. I love the play on words. I don’t even want to THINK about Halloween, but it is quickly approaching.

  12. Robin Masshole Mommy

    That is too cute. I absolutely love how it came out. You are very creative, mama!

  13. Jeanette

    How cute is THAT?! I Love it and also how easy it is to make it! I am SO not a seamstress so this is something I could do easily!

  14. Dee

    Awww! The Mini Mouse Costume looks soo cute! I have a God daughter who loves Mini Mouse and I see, her and her mom doing these costumes.

  15. Tiffany H

    I’m going to Disney world and I wanted a Disney themed shirt, I didn’t think of making my own but now you ideas rolling in my head. Cute DIY costume. I will def be getting mickey ears if i don’t buy anything else..

  16. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    How cute! This is a really creative spin on it and such a fun birthday party idea.

  17. Joanna

    Love how you make something so simple into something cute. You did a great job.

  18. Pam

    What a cute Minnie Mouse costume. I love that you got your babe in on the look too! This is a fun couples costume idea.

  19. Jennifer

    Such a cute idea! I wish that I had a little girl to make one of these for. It is so much fun to see them dressed up.

  20. Chris Lewis

    Great costume…. I know so people that would love to make this too!

  21. Sarah

    That is a super cute costume, looks great on you and loving the color combo!

  22. Gwendolyn Mulholland

    Such a cute idea. I love the apron and I do agree that Disney has a way of making you want to buy things.

  23. Eva

    Love it! I haven’t worn a costume of any sort for about 15 years, but I love dressing up my littles… While they’ll let me. Very creative! I won’t tell Target…

  24. Rebecca Swenor

    I love the idea of the Mimimouse DIY costume for Halloween. This is a really cute and creative costume for sure. I have not dressed in a costume in many years but was thinking about doing it this year. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  25. Jeanine

    How cute is this? You are very crafty, I wish I was a little more talented. Would love to make a shirt like this and I know my kids would love something like this too! adorable.

  26. Christine | The Traveloguer

    Great idea for Halloween! You all look great as mice! 🙂

  27. Natalie

    What a fun idea! We absolutely love halloween. We dress up every year as a family.

  28. Dana

    Super cute and creative costume!

  29. ricci

    Your Minnie Mouse costume is adorable!! Great job!!

  30. Carin Kilby Clark

    That costume is so cute! I sometimes wish I was more crafty — I’d totally try something like this for Halloween this year.

  31. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    What cute costumes!!! I love what you put together…

  32. Elle

    Very cute and creative. I always think about doing projects like these. I buy the stuff, but never finish making them.

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