My 12 Days Before Christmas

12/13/10: On the 12th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… FRIENDSHIP!
For some reason today I’ve been exceptionally emotional, which so isn’t my thing. I chatted with my Godson’s mother and wow. We’ve been friends for over 15 years.  We’ve grown together, apart, individually, and together again. We went from walking to the bus stop together every day in HS, to getting married around the same time, to moving around with our spouses, to now being settled in life and motherhood. We’ve evolved so much as individuals but have never lost our friendship. We are friends for life and that won’t ever change. Friends are the sisters God forgot to give us.

12/14/10: On the 11th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… A THOUGHTFUL SON!
This morning my precocious 6 year old reminds me about the “Secret Santa Shop” at school.  He made a list of the people he needed to shop for (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Lola (Grandma) & Granddad). We discussed a budget (that is the educational part of this experience) and he is buying gifts for the five people noted above without going over his budget. Yesterday his class went to preview this Secret Santa Shop and he has his eye on a few things he wants to get everyone on his list. He was so excited about giving… he can’t wait to hand them out at Christmas time. He told me he saw something he really wants me to have and its only $6.25. How can you not love this kid!
12/15/10: On the 10th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… A GREAT MATE & DRUGS!
I’ve had some killer headaches these past few weeks. If it weren’t for the Target brand of (INSERT DRUG NAME HERE) I wouldn’t have an ounce of sanity. My head throbs nonstop, and the pain is so severe I just pop the drugs and go right to sleep. Thank you legal drugs, for without you I just might go crazy.
I could go on all day about how great my babe is… but I won’t. My love picked me up from the metro today because I was so tired, and it was so cold outside.  He knows the right mix of love, fun, fussing and laughing at and with me.  Sometimes I’m sure I take those things for granted but today I want to tell the world I love this man like a peanut butter loves jelly. I would cut someone over him in a New York minute.
12/16/10: On the 9th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… SNOW & FAMILY TIME! 
Today the DMV (DC, Maryland, VA) area received our first round of snow. Not enough to really stop anything but school closed 2hrs early and I got to skip out of work 2hrs early. It was pretty; I snapped a few pictures on my walk home.
After making it home safely my family of 3 gathered in the living room to decorate our Christmas tree. We went with a fake tree this year, after a crazy hunt for a real one. (Long story) We used last year’s theme (silver, white, and soft blue) the twist this year is a splash of hot pink. QUEEN UP IN THIS CASTLE ooot ooh!!!
My 12 Days Before Christmas Christmas is coming
12/17/10: On the 8th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… REALITY!!!
Nothing knocks you down a peg or two like your child. You know the one who gives you the most love in your heart and plucks your last good nerve at the same time. My kid asked for McDonald’s before two Christmas shopping stops. After two bites he falls asleep, I wake him up he says he will eat it later. We shop in two stores get back in the car he goes to eat his now cold food and is upset it’s cold. DUH boy, don’t you see the snow on the ground its called winter. We get home, pull in the garage he gets out and puts his food in the trash. WHAT! You take two bites and eat two fries and you are done? WORD! Give me my $5.00 back that you just tossed in the trash all casually.

12/18/10: On the 7th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… DATE NIGHT!
My son was having a fit to stay the night at his grandparent’s house. So we dropped him off this evening, gave our hugs and kisses and went on our way. My babe and I went to see a movie titled The Fighter. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale & Amy Adamson. It is based on a true story about a boxer in the 80’s. I nodded off a little (don’t judge me it was late and the movie was long) but the movie was really good.

12/19/10: On the 6th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… RELAXATION!
After a busy week, yesterday I wrapped up my Christmas shopping a sister is beat. My sore throat has turned into an all out cold. I have an imperfection that has appeared on my cheek. I had a crazy dream that left me feeling worn out with a sore neck. Not to mention football is on. My Giants of NY are taking on the Eagles of Philadelphia. The score was Giants 31 Eagles 10 before I fell asleep. I’ve laid around taken in some much needed R&R while catching up on my DVR and napping. Once I woke up and checked the score my Giants loss. WHAT HAPPENED!!!! Oh well now we are 9-5.
12/20/10: On the 5th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… A NEW WASHER & DRYER!
After almost a month our new washer and dryer has arrived. This joint is kick CUSS, no seriously my washer and dryer is better than yours. Not that it matters, but so what it’s my blog. I’m in love! Who knew something so simple and expensive could bring me so much joy. No it isn’t a front loader but it is the hotness. They are LG Wave Series Ultra Large Capacity High Efficiency Top Load. This thing does everything and more. Some features I’m sure I won’t even use. (Don’t judge me) The color is graphite steel and that up’s the sexy when you open the laundry closet. Hahahahaha Don’t call me I will be busy doing loads of laundry.
12/21/10: On the 4th day before Christmas my true love gave to me… HUMOR & TEACHABLE MOMENTS!
A little boy at my son’s aftercare told him black people go to Africa. My son said he didn’t respond but it made him think. After thinking he came to the conclusion that People don’t live in Africa because the animals run wild and loose and would just eat everyone up unless they live in a vine. BOY WHAT!!! After trying not to double over with laughter I explained that all types of people live in Africa. Yes they have the rich, poor, middle class and all of that. I even tried to explain (what I think the kid might have meant) that some black people refer to themselves as African American. All in all the pure innocence of a kid made me laugh all night long.  I told my son on our next trip to the library (Our new fun thing to do) we will get a book on Africa and learn what really goes on there.
12/22/10: On the 3rd day before Christmas my true love gave to me… JOY!
Today my son had his first Winter Concert at school. They had an 8:30 performance in which my mom attended as the family representative. The evening show was at 6:30 and the family showed up in great numbers. (his grands, both of his aunts and his cousins) They (Pre-K & K) sang two songs together. They even had a little routine down pact. It was very cute and warming.
12/23/10: On the 2nd day before Christmas my true love gave to me… MVHS Class of 1997
Tonight my High School c/o 97 met up in Old Town, Alexandria, for chatter, drinks catching up, drinks, food, drinks, pictures, drinks. Noticing a pattern here? Yeah well… it was a good time. I hadn’t seen some of those folks since we graduated in June 97. It was nice to hear everyone was doing well, some married, some parents, some home owners, some world traveled, some military just a wide variety. For those of you that actually know the c/o 97 we are one of a kind, we’ve always been close, and we know how to have a good time. It was nice to see that 10+ years later none of that has changed. Cheers to Mount Vernon High School, Alexandria, VA Class of 1997.
12/24/10: On the 1st day before Christmas my true love gave to me… Holiday Tradition!
Today I went to the grocery store to pick up the goods for my sweet potato pies. My son also picked out some cookies for Santa.  Oddly enough it was not a mad house and I managed to get in and out without any chaos.  My Christmas Eve tradition is new pajamas. This year I had a little fun with them… (My babe will NOT allow me to post a picture) We baked Santa’s cookies (Chocolate chip), left him a cup of milk and wrote him a note. Tucked my very excited 6 year son in bed and watched a movie.
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