Month: January 2011

Cancer changes things…

Cancer changes things

I don’t typically blog about my personal life but I felt led to do so… On January 20th my life was forever changed… my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. During the car ride back home, I put on my brave face and tried not to act differently; when in reality our lives were forever changed. Changed because this is something we need to fight aggressively. Changed because this will always be a concern with my mom; changed because my sister and I need to be sure to get breast exams much earlier as we might be a little more susceptible to breast cancer.


Happy New Year 2011 (1)
Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I have to say from time to time. I really appreciate that and hope you return in the New Year and maybe bring a friend along with ya.
This year I don't really have any resolutions.  2010 as a great year for me, I achieved my main goal for the year (June) and that was monumental. We are talking life changing and long lasting. (Insert check mark here). This year I have two main goals, both stored in my mind though. I won't write them down nor will I share them. HOWEVER when they happen I will blog about it. ;) I will also reference this post when I do. hahahaha Yall know I keep it real and I'm a lady of my word.