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A Change has Come – Hello Natural Hair (again)

I’ve experienced a lot of change as of late. Some for the better, and well the jury is still out on if some of it was for the worse. This time of year people start their Spring Cleaning; you know dusting off the old, and making it look new, trying to tone up their winter’s fat in preparation for summer. Women go from dark hair to a lighter softer color. Time has changed and we have sprung the clocks forward. The calendar officially says spring, but the threat of snow says otherwise.

This past Friday was my Directors last day. I’m really going to miss him, for almost three years he took great care of me. I’ve not worked for anyone that I genuinely liked as much as him. I’m trying to be optimistic about this change. I’ve also noticed the dynamics of some of my friendships have changed as well. Some of us have grown closer and well some of us have grown apart…. I anticipate a little more change coming, and I can’t wait to see what it brings…

In true fashion I’ve embraced all of this change with a little change of my own. NO, that baby isn’t mine but this new fresh haircut (big chop if you will) is all ME.

I hope you are embracing the change in your life as well.

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