Month: April 2011

Stop The World

Last summer my Babe and I went to see Jill Scott & Maxwell in concert in Madison Square Gardens. Now I've been to several concerts but for some reason since June 2010 that concert has continued to play over in my mind. This was the first time I'd ever seen either one of them live. WHAT A SHOW!!!! Jill & Maxwell both sang their hits; they have a lot of hits too. Maxwell's most current album "BLACKSummers'night" was an instant classic for me. This past week I've been playing it over and over again while commuting to and from work. My single most favored-est song on that album is "Stop the World". I don't know what it is about that song that conjures up such emotions on the inside. I have to consciously not sing OUT LOUD while listening to the song on the train. Folks would start looking at me like I'd lost my whole entire mind. It's a song that makes you close your eyes, bite your lips, slowly rock from side to side and smile for no reason at all.

Hey Mr. DJ a soundtrack to life

I like many others love a good story; in my short 31 years of life I’ve managed to create a lot of stories. Stories that are funny, crazy, sad, magical, and simply classic. The sweet thing in life is we have so many triggers. Triggers that will instantly take you back to a place… it could be a song, a show, a location, anything. “Occasions” by Baby Face reminds me of my first slow dance when I was in the third grade. (Don’t judge me). “All I Do is Think of You” by Troop reminds me of my sister and cousins growing up together. We used to stand in front of the TV and sing along as loud as we could. “Get Low” by Lil John was the soundtrack to my party life in my early 20’s. “Prototype” by Outkast reminds me of my Babe, back in 2004 when we were just getting to know one another.