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I like many others love a good story; in my short 31 years of life I’ve managed to create a lot of stories. Stories that are funny, crazy, sad, magical, and simply classic. The sweet thing in life is we have so many triggers. Triggers that will instantly take you back to a place… it could be a song, a show, a location, anything.

“Occasions” by Baby Face reminds me of my first slow dance when I was in the third grade. (Don’t judge me). “All I Do is Think of You” by Troop reminds me of my sister and cousins growing up together. We used to stand in front of the TV and sing along as loud as we could. “Get Low” by Lil John was the soundtrack to my party life in my early 20’s. “Prototype” by Outkast reminds me of my Babe, back in 2004 when we were just getting to know one another.

I could go on and on… now don’t get me wrong, there are some songs I rush to turn off the minute they come on like “Me & Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul. My maiden name is Jones and growing up kids would sing that song to me all the time. Umm NO that song is about an affair, not cool! I am so not a fan of reggae music and I would typically rush to turn it off however there are a few songs that I have danced too that will take me to a place. All in all most of them put a smile on my face and take me to a special place in my mind.

Today’s song from my Soundtrack of life is “Summertime” by Will Smith. The weather is a sunny 80, the people are out, there is fresh mulch on the ground and that means summer is coming.

What special songs are on your Soundtrack of your life?

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  1. Anonymous

    Great post. Music can stir up so many memories and emotions. The song Beautiful Surprise by india.arie reminds me of when my husband and I were dating. Whenever I hear it I feel like I’m falling in love all over again.

    Egypt Choyce

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