2nd Annual Mother’s Day Tea

It is that time of year, the time that we honor our Mothers, Grandmother’s, God Mother’s and Mother figures. It is MOTHER’S DAY! It is my annual tradition to host a Tea Party. Last Year’s Tea was a blast, while it was my first it turned out rather nicely. This year I had, even more, ideas on how to improve upon my tea party. There were a few things I wanted to incorporate this year but I had a lot going (I was taking swimming lesson) on and I didn’t get to all the tiny details.  All of my guests enjoyed the setup and had a really good time. I can’t wait to make it even better next year.

Mother's Day Tea Party 1


 Here are my invitations I mailed out. I created the “Tea Party” design using the Cricut Once Upon a Princess cartridge
Mother's Day Tea Party 2
This is the inside; I printed them on card stock and cut them with some funky cutting scissors.
Mother's Day Tea Party 3
No tea is complete unless you have fresh flowers. I got one bouquet from Costco and split them into two. Tablecloth: Target $9.99 – Place Mat: Dollar Tree $1.00
Mother's Day Tea Party 4
No tea is complete unless you have fresh flowers. I got one bouquet from Costco and split them into two. Tablecloth: Target $9.99 – Place Mat: Dollar Tree $1.00 – Butterfly Flower Pot: Michael’s last year
Mother's Day Tea Party 5

My plan was to buy these (pre-made) but the folks at Costco burnt up the croissants so I made my own.  The top tier was Oscar Mayer, Deli Fresh Oven Roasted Turkey breast & Havarti cheese the second tier was Oscar Mayer, Deli Fresh, Rotisserie Season Chicken breast & Provolone Cheese The third tier was mixed of the two.  Behind the 3 level tier is a Butterfly tray I got from Target that holds some homemade Pasta Salad

Mother's Day Tea Party 6
Top tier: Half chocolate dipped shortbread cookies from Costco. Second tier: Apple strudel from Costco. Third tier: Turkey wrap from Costco
Mother's Day Tea Party 7


I found these butterfly trays at Home Goods (SCORE). I cut up all of my fruit when I think tea I think bite size. Strawberries, Blueberries, Mango & Pineapple
Mother's Day Tea Party 8
I got these tiered racks the food is on from Target. The plates on the racks came from Walmart. The table runners came from Target $9.99 each. The serving tongs came from Dollar Tree
Mother's Day Tea Party 9

This was the beverage area; I had water, Raspberry Lemonade & cut up a few lemon slices and put in there.  On the yellow placemat is a variety of tea bags, some regular Lipton and some fancy ones that I got from Home Goods. I think they are my new favorite. In the turquoise teapot is milk in the top and sugar in the bottom.  The Two white teapots on the far right held hot water. The Sunflower Tea Pot my nieces got me for my birthday. I ordered the butterfly teapot from Amazon. The placemats all came from Dollar Tree.

Mother's Day Tea Party 10
I got these yummy things from Home Goods. Tea of LifeSpring Collection.
Mother's Day Tea Party 11
I got the small tea cups from the Christmas Tree Store for $.89. The bigger tea cups I got last year from Walmart. The candy tins came from Joann Fabrics; I put colorful jelly beans inside tulle and then tied it closed with a ribbon. (I wanted to decorate the tin but didn’t have time)
Mother's Day Tea Party 12
This small teacup and saucer is what started all of this. I got my first set from the Royal Tea Room, La Plata, MD. Since they are so tiny I don’t actually drink from them. I used my Cricut, Once Upon a Princess cartridge to make the tea cup shaped name cards.  The larger plate came from Walmart.
Mother's Day Tea Party 13
A bird’s eye view of the kitchen. I wanted everything to be all out at once so we could just eat, chat, and enjoy one another’s company.
Mother's Day Tea Party 14
 Most importantly you need guests. My guests are all family and they are there with their daughters, (future maybe) daughter-in-law, and goddaughters. Oh, wait there is one tiny male gendered guest. We only let him stay because he was so adorable, and an infant.
Mother's Day Tea Party 15
 GROUP SHOT! Much love and thanks to my babe for being the photographer for my Mother’s Day Tea. He did a great job capturing the essence of the tea. I have 200+ pictures of good memories.
Mother's Day Tea Party 16
I had to dress for the occasion; I got this butterfly dress from Old Navy last year. I had a blast, and I can’t wait to do it again next year.
Mother's Day Tea Party 2011
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  1. Mary

    oh michelette, you are so creative and thoughtful. i just loved this. xoxox, mary

  2. CSoulScribe

    Well done, girlie!

  3. donna dorrane

    um….can u like… down 95…exit; Philly, and come to my house and do this???

    BEE U TEA FUL!!!!!

    You are tha’ bomb!!!

  4. Cousin Faye

    Mimi Rocks! I had such a great time!!!

  5. Terri

    Since you posted on Embrace the Camera I’ve been checking out your blog. You are so creative and seem like such a great mommy and friend. I want to try having a Mothers Day tea now!

  6. Mimicutelips

    Terri thanks a bunch, I wish I had more time to do the “fun” things. I am working on it though.

    Host a tea, you will be glad you did.

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