HELLO 2012

Happy New Year 2012
A new year is upon us as while the last several years have been good to me I’m really looking forward to this one. For 2011 I had two main goals (one professional and one personal) the first was accomplished in April 2011 and the second was accomplished November 2011. Check and check!!! I’m not big fan of “resolutions” as I believe we should all strive to be better people on a daily basis. You don’t need a “new year” to make that happen.  Goals are healthy and I think it helps keep things in perspective.  This year I’ve set two professional goals and two personal goals.

My first personal goal is to bring a healthy baby girl in to this world. She isn’t due until January 25th but is free to come at any time PRIOR to the 25th. (I’m just saying, being late is just plain rude) I’ve said me and my “guys” for seven years now I can’t wait to add a little lady into the mix. She will turn our worlds upside down (yours too depending on who is reading this) in the best way. We will no longer be a party of three but a party of four, we will now be two guys and two ladies and finally a balance of testosterone and estrogen after being out numbered for so long. We’ve not had a baby in our home in a very long time but we are all very excited about the adventures 2012 will bring.
A lot of you have spent this morning in the shop getting your hair right, in the nail shop picking out your perfect polish and in the mall finding that outfit to complete the look you are going for me. While that all sounds fancy and fun my NYE preparation will go a little something like this. Taking a shower, stuffing myself and this 9 month belly into some super cute footed pajamas my BFF gave me, baking a cake so my ice cream isn’t all lonely in my bowl, watching TV and cuddling with my guys on the sofa.
Enjoy your NYE as you see fit, be happy, be safe and be at peace. HAPPY NEW YEAR (as I will likely be sleep at midnight)
See you in 2012!
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