Lemon Plum?

Have you ever heard of a lemon plum or better yet had one? ME EITHER; until today that is. The same reaction you had while reading this is the exact reaction I had when I saw them in the store.  I couldn’t wait to get home and go to “the Google” as I simply needed to know more about this fruit I was strolling around the produce section of my local Safeway when I saw a sign that said LEMON PLUMS. I say out loud “Umm excuse me”. I point them out to my mother who is from the South and as far as I’m concerned knows all things country. Well she hadn’t heard or seen such a thing either. HOW COULD THIS BE POSSIBLE!

As my mom and I are heavily discussing this new found fruit the lovely produce guy offers us a sample.  He went in the back washed one off and came out with a knife so we could try it. It was actually pretty good, although I thought it would be more lemon like in taste it wasn’t. It tastes like a plum with a hint of bitterness. Not bad at all, I certainly learned something In other grocery shopping news I purchased some fresh spinach today. Now for those that know me know I am not the cooking type. However my Babe sent me this Kraft Shrimp-in-Love Pasta recipe and I decided to fix it for dinner tonight. The recipe is rather simple so it should turn out well.  If it wasn’t for my Babe and our babies I would store clothes in my oven just like Carrie Bradshaw. (Thanks Winta)

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  1. Christina

    First – I must try a Lemon-Plum!

    Second – I am proud that you made dinner with all the things going on in your house (stealing recipe so I can make this at home.

    Third – I think as a friend I would disown you if you stored clothes in your oven! LOL

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