Embrace the Camera: 9/13/12

This week I decided to finally Embrace the Camera. I have a ton of pictures of my children but I don’t have many with me included. I’m going to try and do this every week, which is probably more than my poor time management schedule can handle but we shall see.

My first “Embrace the Camera” is an evening stroll/ride I took with the family this week. We are getting a sneak peak of fall and wanted to get out and take advantage. Maybe I will finally start working on dropping this gut; maybe not I still have time…

Embrace the Camera
Nori and I strolled while Dad and big brother rode bikes. My t-shirt is compliments of the Mood store in NYC. It is widely watched on Project Runway #thankyoumood
Embrace the Camera
Ready to ride out son?
Embrace the Camera
Nori’s first slide down the slide

Her brother really wanted to slide with us.
Embrace the Camera
Mommy and her me’s
Embrace the Camera
Ready to ride with Dad’s Go Pro HD Hero camera
Embrace the Camera
Having a blast with her bib at the playground you know…
So it wasn’t enough that I embraced the camera I had to take it to another level. #fail

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  1. Terri

    Good job on getting in front of the camera! Your kiddos are cute 🙂 And you don’t look like you have a gut!

  2. emily anderson

    first off, great job on getting in the pictures (and video, LOL).
    secondly, your daughter is the cutest little chub ever!

  3. Mimicutelips

    Thanks gals, this was a lot of fun to do. I look forward to participating more often.

  4. jeanna

    so cute! Love these

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