Mi’s Trip to the Gun Range

With an infant at home, Babe and I have been doing “Day Dates”. We’ve done several activities outside of my box and today was no different. Today’s adventure took us to the Gun Range compliments of Groupon.

We headed down to our local Gun Range (Maryland Small Arms, Upper Marlboro, MD) for a little bit of fun. I knew a little bit about the different types of guns and had read some laser reviews to prepare myself! We arrived and first you pick out your gun, we went with a Glock 17 9mm handgun then lady behind the counter gave me a tutorial on how to put the bullets in the clip, put the clip in the gun, how to cock the gun back, and how to pull the trigger. They make all of this look real easy in the movies, not so much in real life.

Maryland Small Arms

My tutorial was complete (My Babe didn’t need one since he has been here before) and then they gave us our protective eyeglasses, earphones (Not sure what they are really called) and we selected our Targets. We have two targets each and we are all set to start shooting. (I’m exhausted already at this point)

Maryland Small Arms

We step into the Range area and I hear a loud gunshot OH EM GEE it rocked me to my soul. I was officially uneasy from here on out. I could hear the shots when we arrived so I knew it was loud, my Babe warned me it was even louder on the inside but even that couldn’t prepare me for just how loud it really was.

We went down to Lane 11 and Babe hung our Target. The constant sound of gunfire around me makes me uneasy. Babe kept asking if I was okay/afraid and I would say “no I’m good” truth of the matter I was seriously uneasy. I guess I have a fear of guns although I’ve never really been around any and hadn’t had any traumatic experiences.

It’s my go and I’ve got my stance right, a target is up and out and I’m looking in the “viewfinder” if you will. I pull the trigger and the gun kicks back and I see the tiny ball of fire. WHOA! I wasn’t ready for all of that. I shoot about 4 more times (slowly) and I’m over it. I was holding the gun so tight when I put it down the print on the handle was on the palm of my hands. I’m officially OVER IT.

Maryland Small Arms

Babe goes up now and he shoots with ease. I was over it but he convinced/made me shoot a little more. There are 50 rounds in a box of ammo. UGH!!! I finished up horribly and was ready to go. This was nice to try but so not my cup of tea.

Here is a video of me and Babe shooting.

I know I was shooting slowly. I WAS NERVOUS!

I suppose I should have been more like him. (Kanye Shrug)
After it was all said and done I survived.
Maryland Small Arms
Checked off my bucket list.
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