Summer Wrap Up 2012

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I’ve fallen all the way off the wagon; I guess becoming a Mom of two really took a lot out of me. I don’t mind, I enjoyed adjusting to having two kids. Everything my daughter does is new and exciting and I wanted to give her all of my attention. REAL LIFE IS HAPPENING! Let me catch you up on all the things we’ve been doing.  Here is a season in review…

You know I love my tea parties so I was excited to host one this year.  I kicked off the warm season with my annual Mother’s Day Tea. This is more spring than summer but so what.

Summer Wrap Up 2012 1
This year I actually had a daughter of my own to celebrate with me. (I used to be the only Mother there without a daughter.) It was such a joy to have my girl in the mix.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 2
We did our annual tradition of walking the Race for the Cure with the Family.  My Mommy is a 1-year survivor, this was a big milestone for her. Her energy level isn’t 100% so she hung out in the survivor’s tent while we did the walk. We were just excited to still have her around.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 3
The firework show is a must for us on the 4th; this year we decided to hit the National Mall (D.C) to watch the show.  It was HOT! This is a first for Nori, not sure if she was into them just yet.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 4
In an effort to step outside of my box I went to Go Ape with my Babe.  It is a treetop obstacle course of high wires, Tarzan swings, and some other crazy zip lines.  I was so proud that I did them all. It was a She-Ra moment for me. Especially after I birthed a human this year.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 5
Here is a little raw footage of our wild adventure.
I took my first weekend without my baby girl. I spent a weekend in NYC with the girls. I got some much needed R&R. I ate and shopped and check in with the fam.  We had the best ice cream ever from the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 1
My baby girl is growing so fast that I had to capture our new family dynamic with a photoshoot. The wonderful Derrel Todd of Footprint Fotos met us downtown (D.C.) at the Yards Park. He is amazing y’all, this is one of many incredible shots he took of us.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 7

Photo Credit: D. Todd

We went on a little family vacation to Pennsylvania. Nothing terribly far but lots of fun; we met up with a few Chocolate Favorites at Hershey Park
Summer Wrap Up 2012 8
My son got a really cool 4 wheeler
Summer Wrap Up 2012 9
My girl has grown so much this summer. She crawls, pulls herself into a standing position, eats table food, says da-da and has two teeth. Look at that cheese.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 10
My oldest baby started Second Grade, umm how did we get here so soon.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 11
 Babe and I spent the day at the Baltimore Grand Prix. It was beyond dope to see the cars zipping by as if they were on a “real” track. They are racing on a regular city street, of course it is blocked off but safety but its the streets we usually drive on.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 12
They were going so fast it was hard to capture a good shot. So I focused on a picture of us.
Summer Wrap Up 2012 13
It has been a great summer but I’m ready to see it go. I can’t wait to see what Fall brings. I hope to take the kids to somebodies farm.

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