Month: October 2012

Nasir’s First Race: Marine Corps Healthy Kids Fun Run

After training for at least a month today (Oct. 27th) was Nasir's BIG DAY. It was time for the Marine Corps Healthy Kids Fun Run. My son has wanted to do a race of his own since his Dad did the Warrior Dash, Spartan Race and Tough Mudder this year. Dad heard his cry and signed him up for a 1 mile race. Lucky for our son his dad is a former distance runner (HS & College) and he used to Coach Track. By all accounts he was learning from the "best". The race was a one mile event just for fun and every kid got a t-shirt, medal, and a snack bag at the end.
On the car ride he read a Sonic the Hedgehog book

Fall is Here: Montpelier Farms

Even though the temperature outside reads 80 degrees it is still fall. In years past the family would go to Cox Farm in Virginia for a little fall fun. This year I made huge plans to go to this really nice Farm in VA with my girlfriend, her children, my children and my nieces. It was going to be a good time. Unfortunately we weren't able to do that because my son has had a lapse in behavior judgment. Second grade is so stressful... Since I'd invited my nieces we had to do something. So I opted to go to a local farm; I'd heard about here in MD.  The farm was just okay; it is very small and doesn't have a lot going on. The other farm we are familiar with was huge with a lot going on. Since my son had gotten in trouble in school it was just what the doctor ordered. He should thank his cousins honestly. Either way I wanted the kids to have a good time and I believe they did. This was Nori's first time going to a farm of any kind so it had to be special.