Fall is Here: Montpelier Farms

Even though the temperature outside reads 80 degrees it is still fall. In years past the family would go to Cox Farm in Virginia for a little fall fun. This year I made huge plans to go to this really nice Farm in VA with my girlfriend, her children, my children and my nieces. It was going to be a good time. Unfortunately we weren’t able to do that because my son has had a lapse in behavior judgment. Second grade is so stressful…

Since I’d invited my nieces we had to do something. So I opted to go to a local farm; I’d heard about here in MD.  The farm was just okay; it is very small and doesn’t have a lot going on. The other farm we are familiar with was huge with a lot going on. Since my son had gotten in trouble in school it was just what the doctor ordered. He should thank his cousins honestly.

Either way I wanted the kids to have a good time and I believe they did. This was Nori’s first time going to a farm of any kind so it had to be special.

Here are a few pictures of our adventure.

The goat thought they had some food.
Playing in corn.
About to navigate a corn maze that we were in for over an hour
Playing the game and getting clues in the corn maze.
We had fun, now we are hungry and ready to go.

Next up is Halloween. My son wants to be Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. By the by when did they make a comeback and become the “hot thing”? NO IDEA. We had to search high and low to find this particular costume. It was sold out all over the place. Lucky for us Ebay had two and we got one of them. My daughter is going to be an owl and I made her costume. I can’t wait to blog about that.


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