Nasir’s First Race: Marine Corps Healthy Kids Fun Run

After training for at least a month today (Oct. 27th) was Nasir’s BIG DAY. It was time for the Marine Corps Healthy Kids Fun Run. My son has wanted to do a race of his own since his Dad did the Warrior Dash, Spartan Race and Tough Mudder this year. Dad heard his cry and signed him up for a 1 mile race.

Lucky for our son his dad is a former distance runner (HS & College) and he used to Coach Track. By all accounts he was learning from the “best”. The race was a one mile event just for fun and every kid got a t-shirt, medal, and a snack bag at the end.

On the car ride he read a Sonic the Hedgehog book

We park the vehicle, got on the train and took the shuttle to the North Parking Lot of the Pentagon
They had all kind of mascots out there. Nori was not amused yet not afraid either.
This is where all the kids start
Nasir ran in the 11:20 Purple Group. It was so hard to snap a picture as a ton of kids were running in my direction and I had to try and find my kid in the group.
Nasir finished his run in about 7 minutes.

It was a great experience and this is the start of many kid races for him. I was a proud mom cheering him on the entire time.

After Nasir found one of his Martial Arts buddies Austin at the Finish line

What we didn’t know was the National Geographic Kids’ Run for the Planet and Healthy Kids Fun Run participants were setting a Guinness World Record. The Kids Run falls within a 24-hour window in which anyone, anywhere can Run for the Planet to stay healthy and protect the environment.) By participating in a run of at least 100-meters, kids could help set the record for the most number of people to run or walk 100 meters in 24 hours. Guinness certifiers were at the run to authenticate the record.


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