Month: March 2013

Xtreme 13: Go Kart & Paintball

Xtreme13 event #4 happened last night & #5 was today.  First up was Go Karts at Allsports Grand Prix, in Dulles, VA. It was Parent's Night Out at our sons martial arts studio (they do this about once a month) so this was a great time for the parents to get out and have some fun while our kids were having fun too.  The dads have been talking junk to one another for a few weeks now. They all professed to leave one another in their respective dust. Men! This was my first time at this place; my Babe has been on the Go Karts before but also does their Mini Motto (Racing dirt bikes around the track) in the winter. After an hour and pretty decent traffic we arrive and register on the computers (you also select your "racing name" during this time) and pay per lap. I only did one lap, my Babe and some of the other parents did two laps. After that you get suited up, yes you put on an actual NASCAR like suit that looks pretty slick. We watched a safety video and then head out to the track. You get your hood, your helmet and gloves. Check the monitor to find out which car you are in then hop in. IT IS TIME TO RIDE!!! or in my case cruise. Yes I was driving like the old folks, straight "Sunday Cruising" don't judge me. After the watching the safety video I was afraid to run into anything, anyone or get black flagged and sent to the penalty box. Oh it's serious
Suited up

NBC 4 Health & Fitness Expo 2013

This year the NBC 4 Health & Fitness Expo is a two day standalone event. (Normally it goes hand and hand with the Motorcycle Show.) The really cool thing about it this year besides the 20th Anniversary is my son's Martial Arts Studio (Yong Sung Lee Hapmudo Studios) was asked to perform on both days. SUPER COOL! The team has been practicing hard and they are very excited and nervous at the same time. My son is new to the Demo team so this is only his third time performing. However this is the largest venue to date.
The demo team was stretching before practice.