NBC 4 Health & Fitness Expo 2013

This year the NBC 4 Health & Fitness Expo is a two day standalone event. (Normally it goes hand and hand with the Motorcycle Show.) The really cool thing about it this year besides the 20th Anniversary is my son’s Martial Arts Studio (Yong Sung Lee Hapmudo Studios) was asked to perform on both days. SUPER COOL!

The team has been practicing hard and they are very excited and nervous at the same time. My son is new to the Demo team so this is only his third time performing. However this is the largest venue to date.

Health & Fitness Expo
The demo team was stretching before practice.


Health & Fitness Expo
The opening ceremony was live, so we had to get live…
Health & Fitness Expo
A little peacock love
Health & Fitness Expo
Redskin’s RB Evan Royster #22
Health & Fitness Expo
Go time! (They did an amazing job)
Here is the entire performance.
(Nasir starts at 8:45 mark)
Although we came to support my son and his martial arts team my baby girl managed to have some fun of her own.  She went to visit this super cute pink P.G. County Fire truck.  She played around on some beds at the Mattress Warehouse exhibit. While her brother was performing she decide to stretch out and color. Then she ended up participating in a “Baby Crawl Race”.
Health & Fitness Expo
She had so much fun she took a nap while we were there.
Health & Fitness Expo
The Baby Crawl (hosted by CareFirst BCBS & YMCA) was super cute, the only rule was no walking or you would be disqualified.  We were shocked that Nori didn’t just get up and walk. She hardly crawls anymore but she finally did today. She landed in 2nd place.  She won a nice little baby swag bag. It had toys, food, utensil set, cup, diapers, green friendly sanitizing wipes, a book titled The Happiest Mom and best of all a $25 gift card to Babies R Us.
Congrats to my son Nasir and my baby girl Nori. I love them to the moon and back. Day 1 of the Expo is complete; I can’t wait to see what Day 2 brings. This is an excellent free family friendly event.
Oh wait, I almost forgot. While we were out having fun and bonding as a family we landed on primetime TV. All 4 of us were on NBC 4 news this morning getting our Zumba on. Then my Babe and our daughter make the 6pm news. WE ARE ROCKSTARS!!!
Health & Fitness Expo

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