Xtreme 13: Go Kart & Paintball

Xtreme13 event #4 happened last night & #5 was today.  First up was Go Karts at Allsports Grand Prix, in Dulles, VA. It was Parent’s Night Out at our sons martial arts studio (they do this about once a month) so this was a great time for the parents to get out and have some fun while our kids were having fun too.  The dads have been talking junk to one another for a few weeks now. They all professed to leave one another in their respective dust. Men!

This was my first time at this place; my Babe has been on the Go Karts before but also does their Mini Motto (Racing dirt bikes around the track) in the winter. After an hour and pretty decent traffic we arrive and register on the computers (you also select your “racing name” during this time) and pay per lap. I only did one lap, my Babe and some of the other parents did two laps. After that you get suited up, yes you put on an actual NASCAR like suit that looks pretty slick. We watched a safety video and then head out to the track. You get your hood, your helmet and gloves. Check the monitor to find out which car you are in then hop in. IT IS TIME TO RIDE!!! or in my case cruise. Yes I was driving like the old folks, straight “Sunday Cruising” don’t judge me. After the watching the safety video I was afraid to run into anything, anyone or get black flagged and sent to the penalty box. Oh it’s serious

Indoor Go-Karts Racing
Suited up
Indoor Go-Karts Racing
The gang is all here, including my baby girl Nori
(This is where you watch the safety video)
Indoor Go-Karts Racing
They were going so fast it was hard to snap a picture
Indoor Go-Karts Racing
Pose for the camera… click… click…
Indoor Go-Karts Racing
My Babe beat us all both times, but we are good sports.
My girl had to get in the picture too. =)
Indoor Go-Karts Racing
Me and my girl!
You know we need video right.
After racing we headed over to Sweetwater Tavern to recap our evening and enjoy some grub. 
Indoor Go-Karts Racing

They let the kids play with old school etch-a-sketch instead of paper and crayons. (Cool points) They make their own beer and the rolls are THE BOMB!!!!

*  *  *
The next #Xtreme13 activity/event was paintballing. My Babe and some other #xtreme13 participants drove all the way to Strasburg, VA to Skyline Paintball & Laser Tag. They had never even heard of this place until a Groupon landed in their inbox. After a long road trip they were all in.
I’ve never been paintballing because I’m afraid to be hit. I know nobody wants to get hurt but I heard it hurts so bad I’m afraid. HOWEVER since this is #xtreme13 I will participate in the next paintballing event.
They have arrived
My Babe looking all good and stuff!

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