Xtreme 13: Rock Climbing

Xtreme13 activity #3 is in the books. This time we headed to Alexandria, VA to Sportrock Climbing Center.

It only cost $5 a climb and it includes equipment
 Equipment includes these dumb helmets
(insert joke here)

This is how I really feel.
We had a really good time, I ended up doing 3 climbs and my Babe did 4 climbs.
This was my second time rock climbing, and I am happy to report I made it to the top each time.  My second climb was rough and I wasn’t so sure I was going to make it. Half way up I was tired, my arms felt like they had nothing to give and I was sweating. UGH! After screaming it out a few times (Don’t judge me monkey (c) Bricooley) I made it to the top and back down again.
After that they kept calling it #Scream13, I’m cool with that too. I tend to scream a lot in life and honey boo-boo child that is alright with me. Now my third climb I was ready to quit although I was almost at the top. It took a lot of screaming to make it to the top.  The pegs/rocks were so dag on tiny how was I supposed to grip and stand on those?  Exactly! In the end I did and that is all that counts. My Xtreme13 counterparts are a tough crowd, I absolutely can’t back out of ANYTHING.

I look part spider monkey and part frog. hahahahaha I’m not sure what our next Xtreme13 event is but just know I will dish about it.

Here are two group shots of us, they aren’t the best but Jeff (our instructor) tried.
For this event we welcomed 4 new people into the Team Xtreme13
Speaking of Xtreme this hair of mine is pissing me off per usual. It’s hard to remain cute and not sweat out my hair while doing these Xtreme13 activities. I’m going to go Xtreme with this hair in a few weeks.

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