Xtreme 13: Biking over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

#Xreme13 the duo edition (Me and my Boo-thang) had a day date that had us on a two wheel adventure.

We rode bikes from the National Harbor (MD) across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge into Old Town (VA) I’ve owned this bike for about 4 years and I’ve only been on it twice.  When my Babe took it down it was dusty and my tires were flat. OH!

The view was nice as you can see but the workout was serious. Going into VA is mostly up hill and requires some leg work I’m not accustom to.  This also meant one should know how to work their gears. Ummm I missed that class, but no time like the present right?
This was my guide; I’d follow him to the moon and back but this time it was just into VA and back.
Just the two!
After grabbing some grub we rode around Jones Point (VA) I hadn’t been over there in years. Since the bridge renovation they have redone the park and it looks really good. While riding around we decided to look for the boundary stone.

Jones Point Park, located near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, has two important historical artifacts: the original south corner boundary stone for Washington, D.C., dating to 1794, and the 1855 Jones Point Lighthouse. In 1791, George Washington led the survey that carved the District of Columbia from Maryland and Virginia, including Alexandria. The survey began at Jones Point, and a stone was installed to mark the spot. It was replaced in 1794 and embedded in the seawall One of the first federal projects the new nation undertook was the construction of lighthouses to protect shipping. The Jones Point Lighthouse, built in 1855, served that function until 1926. Source

The stone is in the glass below me. My right foot is in MD, left foot in VA and my hand is in DC

He climbed over this fence to get the close up shot of the stone above

He decided to dance over the boundary stone with his legs in MD, VA & DC
After all of my hard work I got a vanilla shake from the Harbor.
#Xtreme13 continues on, next up hiking. Black people hike yall. hahahahahaha

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