Xtreme 13: Glo Run & Tough Mudder

#Xtreme13 is still in motion; today’s edition is about the race life…

Back in March my girls signed up for The Glo Run and asked me to join in. Certainly! The race fell on the same day my Babe was doing the Tough Mudder. His race is a 13 mile military style obstacle course. My race was a 5K (3.1 mile) run/walk. They had a DJ and everything, he got us hyped prior to start and then we did the Wobble and some other stuff after the race was over. The super cool thing is this event took place at night; we took off running at 8:30pm. HOW FUN IS THAT!!!

This race took place down at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Beautiful scenery but it was cold and most of us weren’t exactly prepared for that especially since it was nice and warm the week prior. One monkey don’t stop no show thus the show went on in spite of the cold weather.

They provide you with a Glo Run shirt (pink or yellow) glasses and or necklaces. The glasses are totally hilarious and didn’t fall off the entire time I was running. If you’ve been following my #Xtreme13 post then you know I’m all about a funky pair of leggings for my #Xtreme13 activities.
Glo Run

Those of you that know me know I’m nobody’s runner. I tried to prepare myself by doing a little running two weeks prior. By running I mean run/walking using the couch to 5k app. I think I ran about three times a week. It was enough to help me survive this one. I plan to keep at it as my next race is in June.

Glo Run
The standard race bib.
Glo Run

This was my running crew Jacktosis, Mrs. CPKC, Kdice1 and yours truly MimiCuteLips.
We’ve been friends for 15 years.

Glo Run
Yall know we had to take pictures solo and group.
Hey you live in the moment and capture it on film.
Glo Run
It’s dark and we are almost ready to go.
Glo Run
We are DONE! It took us 45minutes to complete 3.1 miles.

We did some walking in the mix but overall not bad for our first time.

Along the course were several glo tunnels that were pumping music and had people cheering us on.
I had to capture each one and then turn the cam on me at the end.
They said have fun, we had fun!
This is us finishing up!
Glo Run
Tired and hungry, next up somebodies drive-thru
I have several race/walks coming up, May 5th we are doing the Race for Hope in DC, and this walk is to help bring awareness to Brain Tumors. We are are doing this in support of a friends family. This will be our second year participating. The entire family will be there so I will be pushing my little one in the stroller. No running for me. Following that is the Race for the Cure in DC May 11th. We do this one each year to show support for my Mother in Law & Mother who are both breast cancer survivors. This is another family event for us so I will be pushing the stroller. That wraps up the month of May. June 8th is the Run Amuck 5k obstacle course race in Quantico, VA. I will be running that one with my Babe and our son. Should be fun, this is my first obstacle course race.
Thanks to Groupon and my Babe I signed up for a mud run later in the year and the girls and I will do the Electric Run in September. That is similar to the Glo Run; we will work on beating our time.
Until next time!

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