Month: May 2013

Xtreme13: Race for Hope & Bike to Work Day

Xtreme13 is still going on we participated in the Race for Hope on May 5th. This is a 5k to fight against brain tumors.  We participated in this last year with a friend that lost his Brother-in-law to a brain tumor. Gotta support your family and friends when they are supporting such a worthy cause. We jogged it with 4 kids in tow and a super slow adult (me). Despite all of that it took us 43 minutes to complete. Here are a few pics.
My Babe was pushing our 1year old in the stroller and our son and some friends ran beside him.  I was bringing up the rear.

Xtreme13: Hiking Great Falls

Xtreme13 was on the move again. Sunday we went hiking a trail in Great Falls park located in Potomac, MD.  As always we invited a group of friends to join in on the fun. This was a first time for most of us including myself. Black folks just don't hike. Well, we changed that stereotype today, 10 people at a time! We met up at 8:30 in the morning and rode to the park caravan style. We all had a variety of "gear" to make our experience a good one. What I should have had were a pair of gloves with good grip and a bee keeper's hat to kip the gnats out of my face. SERIOUSLY! I'm sure I ate at least 4 bugs with 2 flying in my ear and 2 more flying up my nose. NOT COOL! Needless to say, I did a lot of screaming and ducking and swatting. I survived though.