Xtreme13: Hiking Great Falls

Xtreme13 was on the move again. Sunday we went hiking a trail in Great Falls park located in Potomac, MD.  As always we invited a group of friends to join in on the fun. This was a first time for most of us including myself. Black folks just don’t hike. Well we changed that stereotype today, 10 people at a time!

We met up at 8:30 in the morning and rode to the park caravan style. We all had a variety of “gear” to make our experience a good one. What I should have had were a pair of gloves with good grip and a bee keeper’s hat to kip the gnats out of my face. SERIOUSLY! I’m sure I ate at least 4 bugs with 2 flying in my ear and 2 more flying up my nose. NOT COOL! Needless to say I did a lot of screaming and ducking and swatting. I survived though.

We hiked about 4-5 miles up and down rocks and such. Now going in I thought we would be walking a rocky trail, I did not realize we were hiking a rock trail. While my body hurts from head to toe post hike it was a lot of fun and the views were amazing. The falls are simply beautiful.

We were both about to take off running from the gnats swarming us
A view of the falls
People were kayaking behind me
They were really pretty; I even caught Chrissy in my panoramic shot
Group shot, we were missing 3 people
On our way to the trail we saw some ducklings
(click the picture to make it bigger, cute right.)
Selfie of me and my cousin Ty on the way to the trail
My Babe was the Ranger, he is pointing out the trail information
The sign says it’s the toughest trail in the east… *pause for reaction*
The mosquito/gnats were attacking us. I was trying to hide from them.
After some crazy hiking we ended up on a little beach area.
I was good and warmed up, that sweat shirt had to come off.
So I used the sleeves to fight the bugs, it totally worked

Rock climbing for real…

Here is a video of our hike; my Babe captured our experience on his Go Pro camera.
Because it took us hours to hike he sped up the video, which turned out pretty cool.


We all had a blast and we had a lot of jokes and laughs for sure. We also had some classic funny moments. Here a few quotes from my girls…
Chrissy says “This flubber sucker done tried to kill me – this is some slip!”
Ty says “I can’t drink water because it ain’t nowhere for me to pee, dammit”
DeAnn says “Are you sure this is still the blue trail??” “this is some blue-bullhit”

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