Xtreme13: Race for Hope & Bike to Work Day

Xtreme13 is still going on we participated in the Race for Hope on May 5th. This is a 5k to fight against brain tumors.  We participated in this last year with a friend that lost his Brother-in-law to a brain tumor. Gotta support your family and friends when they are supporting such a worthy cause.

We jogged it with 4 kids in tow and a super slow adult (me). Despite all of that it took us 43 minutes to complete. Here are a few pics.

Race for Hope Bike to Work Day
My Babe was pushing our 1year old in the stroller and our son and some friends ran beside him.  I was bringing up the rear.


Race for Hope Bike to Work Day
I was running, okay I was jogging.
Race for Hope Bike to Work Day
I love that they give out cold uncut bagels. We eat them every year though.
May 17th was Bike to Work Day, I decided the day prior that I was going to participate. My Babe participated last year and said it was a lot of fun to do. In the spirit of #Xtreme13 I figure why not. We’ve had so much going on the past couple of weeks I’ve not been working out. I would find out just how bad of shape I was in quickly.
Bike to Work Day
Almost ready to go
Bike to Work Day
I got my sweet feet and comfy clothes, I’m ready to go.
My Babe got our bikes all ready for our trek into work. We dropped off the kids and set out on our ride, we left about 7:45 am and I needed to be to work by 9:00 am for a meeting. The minute our wheels hit the pavement I was slow going, my Babe kept saying “keep up, get up here with me” as I tried to peddle harder. But to no avail, we get out of the neighborhood onto the main road for a short distance, then our first hill. UGH when I say I had nothing to give that is no exaggeration okay. I was DONE. I was breathing like a dog in desperate need of water. Only I had my own water and it still wasn’t helping okay. I pushed my bike up the hill and my butt was already hurting, my legs felt like jello and my breathing was a mess.
Once “we got up that hill” (did you sing it like the Jefferson’s intro? You should have.”) I was better, my Babe had the path all figured out and I just had to follow and most importantly keep up. Easier said then done fa sho.  Once we got to our next big hill I was even worse, so I got off my bike and pushed it up that hill too. I was feeling really defeated and not pleased with my progress or the lack there of.  At least we made it to the DC line, Babe snapped a picture and well it was a tangy mess okay.
Bike to Work Day
I couldn’t even find a smile!
Bike to Work Day
Part of our ride was in unsavory areas but we also had great views like this.
Bike to Work Day
They (The Bike to Work folks) had over 70 pit stops for riders today.

We stopped at the Anacostia location and got a t-shirt, water bottle, snacks,
a bell and my Babe won a bike lock. The guy put them on for us. Cute right!

Bike to Work Day
I made it to my job. AMEN!
Bike to Work Day
I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for my love.
Bike to Work Day
Arrived at work just as tangy as ever…
Here is some footage of our ride and my foolishness.
Gotta start some where right. O_o
We were registered for the Race for the Cure this year but due to the sudden death of 3 friends we were unable to attend. We will be back at it next year. Much love to the families of Herb, Scrappy (Caleb) and Mike. The motorcycle community will continue to ride in your honor.

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    GOOD JOB MIMI. i think you just motivated me to try next year GOOD OOD JOB girl!

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