Xtreme13: Aerial Adventure & Run Amuck Race

Xtreme13 just got a little more adventurous and a lot dirtier. A couple weeks ago we rode to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia to check out the Adventure Park.  We got a sweet Living Social deal on a Season Pass; we tried Go Ape last year and had a ball so this was a perfect chance for us to turn the adventure up a little bit.  The drive up was beautiful to see, the mountains, and the water and to discover the history along the way.

Run Amuck
We will check out the white water rafting when we come back.


It rained a little bit on the drive up; luckily it stopped by the time we arrived. However the course was extra slippery and spidery. I know that so isn’t a word but there were spider webs everywhere.
Run Amuck
Funky tights are so my thing!
Okay so we get all checked in and we walk up to meet our instructors.
Run Amuck
I swear those are my pointer fingers, I’m a lady.
We meet our instructors and they give us our gear (Helmet, gloves & harness)
Run Amuck
Yes, my gloves only have 4 fingers, even though we all have 5 fingers.
Run Amuck
Fully geared up and we conquered 3 courses.
We did the yellow, green and blue course. The blue is the second hardest in the park. When I say the course was no joke I mean it. Go Ape prepared us for this experience so I wasn’t afraid of the height, and I knew no matter what I was going to complete them all. HOWEVER this place let all their entire crazy out when designing these obstacles. They aren’t for the faint of heart okay. I’m sure they make suckers out of folks on a daily basis. That isn’t our story though *body rolls* we accomplished every single one! I am no slouch okay.

Here is a little taste of some of the fun we had.

On Saturday I participated in the Marine Corps Marathon, Run Amuck race. This is 3.5 miles of mud, hills & obstacles in Quantico, VA. I did the race with my Babe, our son (8) and our friend Ric. My Babe and Ric have done plenty of obstacle races/challenges so this was a cake walk for them. Although I wasn’t in shape that wasn’t going to stop me. My pride was on the line. (You have to know the people that live in my home.) I knew I would be the “dead weight” of the team but I also knew I would do every obstacle and I wouldn’t give up. It took us 1hr 15mins to complete the race. Some of you would turn your nose up at my time and that is fine. But for ME I’m proud, I felt accomplished I not only stepped outside of my box I straight destroyed it.  My girlfriend Winta keeps telling me she doesn’t even know me anymore. Ha!
Run Amuck
This is our before and after shot.
There was mud to last a life time, hills, water, and lots of second thoughts. The clean-up process would be extensive, I mean surely there is nothing like having mud in your “who-ha”. I’m just saying, it is good for the skin right? Oh! While out there running for my life I found all of the cicadas they have been talking about on the news. THEY ARE IN QUANTICO!
Run Amuck
I told you they were here.
Overall I had a great time; my mom came along and kept up with baby girl while we ran. My son did such an amazing job I’m so proud of him. My Babe well he is always good at these things but he had out back 100%. (You will hear it in the video) He kept encouraging us to keep going, push past whatever we were suffering from, in my case it was oxygen. He took care of us like he always does. It was a great experience to do with the two most important guys in my life. Oddly enough I look forward to doing it again. #xtreme13 the family edition.
Cleaned up, as much as one can clean up with no real water after playing in the mud.
Run Amuck
My little Babe & Big Babe
Yes these are proof photos and no I’m not paying $25 per image.
Run Amuck
Oh, I got this.
Run Amuck
The muddy hills were killer, on top of that I had to make sure my shoes weren’t ripped off my feet with each step.
Here is a clip from part of the race.
Run Amuck
We just crossed the finish line and we received our warrior chip.
Run Amuck
Run Amuck
Group photo finish!

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  1. BowieandUpperMarlboroRealtor

    It is so incredibly awesome to watch my baby girl not only participate in these Xtreme13 events but to finish each of them and to grow in the process. My grandson is right in there with his parents meeting every challenge head on. Thank you Reau for helping them see that they can do whatever they put their minds and bodies to. Nori and I are looking forward to again being on the sidelines for the next Xtreme13 event!

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