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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is potty time in the Robinson household. (Insert face here) I thought I would be thrilled and excited and part of me really is but the other part feels like this is all happening a bit too soon. My girl is only 18 months and in my mind, I just knew we would start this around her 2nd birthday. Why 2? Because my son is 8 and I can’t remember when we started with him. (After some research it turns out we started when he was 19 months). UGH! *removing all thoughts of denial*

For a few weeks now Nori (affectionately known as my girl) will let you know when she is using the bathroom in her diaper. Well, two days ago she went all big girl on me while I was at work; and pooped in the potty. Way to show my little girl! She had her 18-month checkup last week and the pediatrician asked me about potty training.  I told her we hadn’t started but I had been browsing potties. Little did I know my girl was pressing the wrap it up button on me and here we are. I was browsing potties online but I didn’t have a plan or a real-time frame in which we would start. Ooooh in yo face! O_o

So here I am shopping online for potties and I come across all kinds of foolishness. I’m talking $80 potty foolishness. Excuse me! You have no job, bring in no income, you can’t even communicate with me 100% but I am supposed to spend $80 for a device you will only poop and pee in. Don’t get me wrong some of them were super cute and all royal and throne-like but not me! I moved along and found what I think is the perfect potty for my girl.

how do i potty train my toddler
I settled out on the Fisher-Price Pink Princess Royal Potty Step-stool. This potty was cute, girly, and multipurpose. The seat part can be used on the big toilet and the rest becomes a step stool. My son had a similar style and we liked it. I forgot to mention it plays 4 royal tunes as a reward. (Their words not mine) After shopping around for it I went with; they had the lowest price and I love that your items arrive in 2 days. You know because we are all in a hurry and what not. O_o I also ordered some pull-ups; I mean I need the entire potty package right.
how do i potty train my toddler
I went with Pampers Easy Ups; I love Pampers brand products (no they aren’t paying me for this) so I might as well keep that going. I think the denim pull-ups and such are cute, do they still make those?
I have a son so potty training in public wasn’t as painful because he could stand up and go. With public restrooms, I would lift him up so he could reach the toilet or I would hold him so he could stand on the seat. While some basics are the same as leaving a shopping cart full of groceries in the middle of the store to make a mad dash to a potty before it’s too late. Others don’t flush out the same; a lot of stores have the family bathrooms but they aren’t always an option. I don’t want her in the nasty men’s room with daddy when I’m not around but what can I do? Am I glad you asked? I can be the naturally OCD person that I am and search the interwebs for the latest and greatest in potty training.
how do i potty train my toddler

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I give you potty protectors!!!! They are disposable (in case that wasn’t obvious, nasty) they cover the back on the knees and the side in case your child needs to hold themselves up. They are made of a waterproof material and have the tape so they don’t slip off once you pick your child up and attempt to place them on the seat. This makes things much easier. Did they have these 8 years ago? If so I wasn’t familiar.
how do i potty train my toddler
Since I missed Nori (My Girl) using the potty the first time I had to recreate the moment before we left the sitter that evening. Here sits Nori 7/23/13 after using the potty (earlier in the day) for the first time ever.
Nori’s potty arrived yesterday and she had to try it out. She was obsessed with the music and wants it to play all the time. Although she sat on the potty a lot she hasn’t used it yet.
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