Vacation in the Rear View

relaxation: to release or bring relief from the effects of tension, anxiety, etc.
I’ve needed some R&R for quite some time now, this week my family and I and then me and the girls decided to do just that. We were supposed to go to Virginia Beach but mechanical failure prevented that from happening so we had to relocate our fun to AMC Movie Theater and Chesapeake Beach Water Park.
First up was Despicable Me2 in 3D
This movie was really cute and funny, we all enjoyed it.
It was Nori’s first 3D movie, and she enjoyed the special effects.

My son is part fish, I just know it.
As it turns out my daughter thinks she is part fish as well.
My two bubble guppies taking a break.
Don’t judge me, my 1.5 year old had a blast on this slide.
We had a good time!
My kid loves to read and I appreciate his love and passion for books. Especially in a day in age when the world has gone to all things electronic. Every time we go he checks out a stack of books like the one here.
She is learning to love books just like her big brother.
After spending time with the family the girls and I jumped on the Mega Bus for a trip to NYC.
I decided to try out a Mohawk while on vacation. I’m on the fence about it, for those that know me, know it won’t last long. lol The red lip and leggings helps soften the look.
This is my crew; we are the best traveling trio ever!
Vacation for us means sleeping, eating, girl talking, lots of walking and trash talking.
This is why they put mirrors on the elevator ceilings; they totally want us to do this.
I spent a lot of time in this window people watching folks in the hotel across the street. O_o
We ran into Nev & Max from the show Catfish, they are such cutie pies.
A little statue fun at the Time Warner Building.
When on vacation we make no plans, we just let things happen. In this case we totally lucked up on a sweet ass ticket deal to see Chicago starring Wendy Williams. HOW YOU DOIN? Did I mention this was my first Broadway play? Oh okay, it was and the show was amazing.
The next morning we headed over to the Wendy Show, this is our 5th time I think.

In line, numbers 1, 2 & 3
While wrapping up lunch a fire-less fire occurs right in front of us. We still don’t know if anything was actually burning but what was obviously HOT was every single firemen that showed up to put the fire-less fire out. The NYC-FD must be models to get the job. The way my girls and I oogled (cat called) at these men was shameful. However we are 100% honest THEY WERE FINE.
Shout out to Vega who was the cutest.
Now we’ve come to the food portion of the program. WE GRUB GOOD!
The Doughnut Plant never gets old, my favorite in the carrot cake
Lunch time grub was at The Counter in Times Square
Johny’s Luncheonette was several doors down from our hotel. This place was amazing, it’s cheap too and the two guys that work in this place gets it done. The counter  was full the entire time and they were doing takeout orders and delivering them without skipping a beat. It was just the two of them and the show went on without a hitch. Oh we will be back.
Ice cream isn’t ice cream unless it comes from Big Gay Ice Cream.
Bea Arthur: vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, crushed ‘nilla wafers
YESSSS! I found these Butter Crunch cookies in a 7 Eleven in the Village.
Hello childhood memories.
Sushi, my cousin Ty has been stepping outside of her box and learning to like sushi. GO TY!
This was my first time trying out Junior’s; the Red velvet cheesecake was YUMMERS!
Our final meal in NYC was at Il Bastardo in Chelsea.
Lastly my face on the tizzube in the Wendy audience.
Until the next time…

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