Life on Furlough – 10 days in

The furlough is here and things just got real. October 1st came I went to work in my jeans, a button up and a fab pair of Embellished Junk Chuck’s by From Mi To You. I spent 2 hrs in the office, got my letter, signed it, laughed with my colleagues and headed home.  The subway was packed like it normally is for rush hour, only it was 10 AM and most of the federal employees were headed home unsure of when we get to return.

Now, what am I going to do? How long am I going to do it? I knew this was coming but they normally swoop down at the ninth hour and save the day.  That didn’t happen this time, so now what?Now, this is only day one, so I wasn’t about to become the maid and do ALL the hundreds of things I need to do or want to do around the house. Besides if I did my Babe would expect that every day. =)

So I did the following things a few things around the house.  Nothing majorly impressive or anything like that.

  • Had a furlough photo shoot, why not? Everyone is doing it O_o
Life on Furlough
I sipped (in the classiest way possible) a cup of hot tea. I love tea and have it just about every day. Checked emails, sent emails, and got caught up on the DVR.
I got some lunch from the carry out; chicken wings w/ mumbo sauce and fries with ketchup. YES! I’ve been having a fit for some for a while now and today I finally cashed in.  I called my order in then drove to pick it up. While I’m there I notice a Black Cherry Canada Dry. Say what! I thought they only made Gingerale. I get the soda and leave. I get home and get ready to eat and NO SODA O_o. WHAT! I call the place and the lady tells me I forgot my soda. UGH! 2 hrs later I went right back and got it!
Life on Furlough
And it was EVERYTHING I thought it would be.
After lunch, I enjoyed a bowl of ice cream w/chocolate syrup to myself. If you don’t have children then you don’t understand how big this really is. Let me just tell you with a toddler around NOTHING is yours and EVERYTHING is theirs. So I relished in that bowl before my girl came home. Later I cooked my family a nice dinner; it was so good my baby girl had 2 servings of spaghetti and carrots. ahahhahaha
Since I’m home I’ve become the Furlough Mommy Taxi. I drop my daughter off in the morning and pick up both of the kids in the evening. This is my girl on Day 2
Life on Furlough
Oh yes, my bossy passenger insists on watching a movie every time she gets in my vehicle.  I’m like a mobile movie theater for her; she has a cup of milk, snacks and a movie.
When I returned home I knew I had my work cut out for me. I’ve had several chores I needed to do but hadn’t made the time for them. Well, the time was now! I turned on Wendy Williams and got to work.
  •  I folded 3 loads of laundry & put them away
  • I ironed up a weeks’ worth of uniforms for my son
  • I ironed new bedding for my daughter and dressed her bed right pretty. I’ve wanted to update her bedroom a little bit now that she is almost 2.
Life on Furlough
Life on Furlough
I think its really cute, I can’t wait to make the rest of the changes to her room.  NO, she does not sleep with this pillow in the crib. This is for you Mommy-Police
I wrapped my day up with a big bowl of ice cream and making several small victories for my business. I am determined to make From Mi To You the best I can. I’m so determined to do things on my own terms and my own way. Thanks to Google I’ve been able to figure out how to do everything I wanted to do. OH YEAH!
One thing I do know is while I’m home on furlough I am EATING. I’m certain to get a furlough 15lbs before we return back to work. Whenever that is. I fixed a huge pancake that was the entire size of my plate; added some strips of bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese. IT WAS YUMMMAY!

On the productive side, I washed my son’s bed linen and designed a pair of Dallas Cowboy Chuck’s for a friend and a pair of Minnie Mouse Chuck’s for an adorable little lady.

Scandal returned and I had every plan to watch live at 10 pm. DID NOT HAPPEN! Instead, I watched an episode of Catfish, checked my sons 5-page homework packet, watched the Scandal recap show, ate another bowl of ice cream and fell asleep on the sofa.

With all this time on my hands, I decided to rethink my daughter’s costume. Last year she was an adorable owl and this year I was going to make her a sheep. After browsing Pinterest my creative wheels started turning and I decide to change her costume to something she LOVES. My daughter is almost 2 and is a typical moody toddler so I make sure her costumes are comfy and cute but not doing too much. If they are busy they will annoy her and she won’t wear them. (Insert toddler meltdown here)

Life on Furlough

All week I’ve only left home to get the kids. For me leaving home equals spending money. Well HELLO WEEK 2 OF FURLOUGH! A sister has to get out the house which means the inevitable happened.

We had unseasonably warm weather during week 1, week 2 brought on severe storms, and fall weather. Great since I put away all of my summer clothes and took out the fall/winter goodies.

One would think my baseboards were spotless, not a sign of dust to be found and my windows looking just as clean as the day we purchased them. NO! While things aren’t out of control they aren’t immaculate either. After week one my sleep schedule was screwed. I’m talking sleeping in, taking mid-day/evening naps, and up all night like a crack head. O_o this will be hard to break when Congress get their act together and send us back to work.

In the meantime here are a few treats I’ve been enjoying. HELLO, FAT GIRL STATUS!

Life on Furlough
Nothing is as good as Breyer’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Hershey Chocolate Syrup.
It takes better if you fill the bowl all the way up. That’s just what I heard.
I found this recipe on Facebook, and it didn’t disappoint. It was really quick and easy and my children loved it. I will certainly be making this again. Plus bacon makes everything better.
Life on Furlough
I’ve not had Chipotle in some time and I needed some in my life. Last night I make a run and get me a Chicken Burrito Bowl. My Babe requested a Mountain Dew so I went to the Exxon beside the Chipotle and struck gold. I found these beautiful packs of goodness right beside the checkout window.
For those of you who did not have the amazing childhood experience that I had might not understand the excitement. Growing up in Fairfax County Public Schools in Alexandria, VA Linden’s cookies were a staple for lunch. You could get Chocolate Chip or Butter Crunch. For most of us, that dream came to a crashing halt when we graduated High School. Well, I found some while on vacation in New York this summer and I was elated. Well after last night’s run I can now find these babies just 5 minutes down the ride. SCORE!
Life on Furlough
As you see my #furloughlife is a little bit of this and a lot of nothing. Hey, it’s a paid vacation right.
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