Easy Denim DIY Project

Yall know I love me a DIY and between Facebook and Pinterest I get all kinds of ideas. I’m the girl that is out and about and will see something and quickly say “Oh I can make that”. So here is me “making it”.  I used this tutorial HERE from Mimi G Style, it was super easy to do. I’m not big on measuring, and I don’t own the tools she had so I kind of eye ball things and go from there. My tools aren’t typical but they get the job done. 

Easy Denim Stud Jacket

Easy Stud Denim Jacket
My unconventional tool (CD) made a good arch. If you have a ruler great, if not find a circular object in your home that you can use as a substitute.
Easy Stud Denim Jacket
Putting the studs on the patches were a bit painful. I probably should have used something other than my fingernails to close the prongs on the back of the stud. I did draw blood a time or two so do better than I did.  My patches are all complete, not perfect but good enough for my first time.
Easy Stud Denim Jacket
Then I placed them in position and secured them with a stick pins. I suggest trying it on to see exactly where they hit on your body. Make any adjustments before going to the next step.

Easy Stud Denim Jacket
Then I stitched them in place by hand.
Easy Stud Denim Jacket
I should have trimmed the one patch down (right one) a little after I put all the studs on, but that’s okay.

Easy Stud Denim Jacket
Left shoulder
Easy Stud Denim Jacket
Right shoulder
Easy Stud Denim Jacket

I can’t wait to really rock it. Update: I still love this jacket but it makes carrying my purse on my shoulder a bit complicated.

Easy Stud Denim Jacket
I purchased this denim jacket for my daughter. I decided to make it a little funky using some small star studs. I didn’t want it to be over kill so I put three rows on the shoulder area and a few on the pocket area. I thought it was really cute, she said it was pretty too.
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  1. Whitney James

    This is really cute and SO creative!


  2. Heather Paulding

    I would totally mess this up, but your jacket is adorable!!! XO

  3. Christina Heggins

    This is too cute!! This could be a fun project to do with my girls 🙂

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