Blogger Week & Race for Hope oh my!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get out, well a sista has been doing just that.  I kicked last Friday off with the Blogger Week Networking Mixer. The event took place in Washington, DC.  Blogger Week™ 2014 is a multicultural festival of bloggers, journalists and social media mavens hosted by Black Bloggers Connect

I arrived and to my surprise my cousin was also there. hahaha Had no idea. We went in and mixed and mingled. I met some virtual friends in person for the first time and made some new friends. I went in with no expectations but I was pleasantly surprise that everyone was social. They were friendly and they had no issues sparking up some chatter with a stranger. LOVE THAT! Perhaps it’s the blogger in us all.

Blogger Week
After chatting it up, exchanging business cards and snacking on some fruit I ran out to have dinner with the girls. Every month the girls and I get together for chatter, laughter and grub. After dinner I went home to finish up a From Mi To You order. Late night, early morning.

Saturday Was the Blogger Week Unconference (Conference) it took place in Silver Spring, MD. I won’t tell you how I had to worked on some shoes and style my daughter’s hair prior to leaving. I didn’t want her looking crazy while out with Daddy and brother. I won’t say how I got on the highway greeted by non moving traffic and 45 miles to empty until I sat in traffic for 30 mins not really moving and had to then pull off and get gas as not to end up on the side of the road. Nope I won’t.

Blogger Week

Mi and Kumi, this dude here is pretty dope.

Blogger Week

Mi & Faye

The Conference had great panel sessions and topics. I was able to get great information from each of them. By the time I left I was down to 1 business card. Networking was had by all, I hope to collaborate with some of my new friends in the near future. Late night, early morning.

Blogger Week
The beauties of the beauty panel.

Sunday morning was an early one. We participated in the Race for Hope for the third year in a row. We started participating in support of a friend. We walked in memory of his brother in law that died from a brain tumor, well this year we would also be walking in honor of his sister who is currently battling a brain tumor. My party of four jogged most of the 3 miles, I walked some because I’m out of shape. We finished in 45 minutes which isn’t horrible but isn’t that great either. I was walking like a robot the next day.

Race for Hope DC
Our party of 4. Yall know I love my funky tights.
Race for Hope DC
LaToya Headley is the sister to a girl I grew up with. Now their family walks every year in memory of her.
Race for Hope DC
Jennifer Collis is currently battling a brain tumor; we walked in honor of her. In years past she would always put the group together. It warmed my heart to know we still participated although she wasn’t able to join us this year. We look forward to seeing her next year in a yellow survivor’s shirt.

My daughter LittleCuteLips and her Daddy crossing the finish line.

She was so proud and so cute!

Race for Hope DC
Nasir jogged 3 miles with us and then participated in the kids run.
My classmate snapped this picture of me at the finish line. There is a party in my pants.
The amazing Nisi B. hosted a National Moms Nite Out in Woodbridge, VA. The weather was beautiful for my ride and I was looking forward to seeing some old faces and meeting some virtual friends in person for the first time.
Race for Hope DC
We played Mommy Purse Bingo which was hilarious. Yall know we keep a purse full of random things.  We laughed, we ate, some drank, but we all had a really good time. I met some kindred spirits, and an amazing 2 time breast cancer survivor who rocks a ball head. Just FLY! I’m so glad I didn’t let anything stop me from meeting some really great women. SCORE! I got a piece of Carrot Cake Cheesecake to go from next door. This is what dreams are made of.
Mother’s Day is two days away I hope you will be love on your own Mommy, Grand Mommy, God Mommy, Mommy-in-law or the Mother of your babies.
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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Whitney James

    You were a busy lady I see! Great meeting you…and hope to link up again soon. XO!


  2. Chloe Jeffreys

    Dang, but you are busy! I wish I lived closer to a big city where I could enjoy blogger events like this. I really envy you that.

    I’m sorry about your loved ones with cancer. Cancer took my mother’s life and I’m thinking about her a lot this mother’s day.

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Mimicutelips

      Chloe, I’m trying to take advantage of my city. Cancer holds a special place in my heart. It seems everyone has a cancer story. Some of us have a brighter outcome than others but its tough either way. I hope you had a good Mother’s Day although you were missing your Mom. <3

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