CuteLips: INHMD 2014 DMV Edition

Saturday, May 17th was International National Hair Meet-up Day. Events around the world would take place on this day and simply celebrate us. Brown girls of all shades who embrace their natural hair. We do have some vanilla girls that are taking care of their daughter’s natural hair as well. On this day we come together to educate, share, shop, laugh and have a grand ole time in the name of nappiness.

When I left home I thought I was just going to meet some new naturals, listen to some speakers, and buy some goodies. I wasn’t really in need of products, product suggestions or styling needs. I did have some natural hair suggestions for my 2 year old with eczema but that was it. I’m so proud to say I got way more than that in return.
I was in love when I saw these natural afro studs. My ear candy is better than yours. Todd Parsons designs these, my sister gifted me a pair some years back and the entire collection is very unique. I love them.
I’m all about a pretty little black girl book. I don’t think I can ever buy too many for my daughter. I want her to see images of natural hair all around her. I want her to know and see that is an everyday occurrence, not something out of the ordinary. The beautiful author of this book is a PG County Teacher. Umm hello my kids are PG County residents. That made me like it even more. My daughter and I will be reading this today. Pick up a copy HERE for the little natural in your life.
After shopping I went in to check out the speakers. There was some very interesting talk about natural hair in the military. I had no idea they had such harsh and old school regulations/standards for their hair style. Yes that was okay back then however times have changed and those regulations should evolve just the same. That’s like shoving an afro into a key hole. Not going to work. Mo power to our naturals serving our country. Keep doing what you do, you are appreciated.
This beauty here is Ms. Diana Ramsey of Sisters With Beauty When I say her personality is AMAZING I mean it. I totally want her to be my new BFF; she is my kind of girl. Her presentation was both informative and hilarious. She is about teaching us gals Home Healthcare, she isn’t about forcing products down your throat she wants you to discover what works best for you.
I also met a #mimicutelips follower from way back. I joined Nappturality and went natural in 2005.  That was the best resource for me back then. After going natural I documented my journal for seven years via a Hair album on Fotki. She was a follower than and then followed me on my journey to twitter and Instagram. I love that she came up to me and introduced herself. I’m friendly, if you ever see me in person feel free to come up and say Hi.
This dynamic sister duo wrote Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? This book is about finding your space and place in the world. Who were you destined to be? Be that person, not the person other people want and need you to be. Sounds simple, yet so many of us are living for others and not ourselves. I can’t wait to read my autographed copy with my highlighter and pen for notes.
This is the brains and the beauty of the INHMD, Ms. Adeea Rogers. She has such a sweet personality, all the women I met did. I love me a good kindred spirits.
Koils by Nature was the DC event sponsor. Pam is a good time honey let me tell you. She is about her business, yall know I love that. She is honest, and informative but her delivery will have you cracking up with laughter.
This was the last panel and these girls knew their stuff. There was an informative discussion about being an educated consumer. WELL!!! You do better when you know better.  Before you go spending all of your coins make sure you have down your own homework.  They weren’t afraid to be their authentic selves and that’s refreshing.
When I left home I said “oh I will stay for an hour or so and then leave.” WRONG! I was there from 11:30 to 5:00. The discussions were good, comedian DetroitBoat was the MC and OMG he plays too much. He had us in there laughing so hard. I met really amazing women that I look forward to connecting with down the road. Between the laughter, the knowledge and the sweet vibes from the folks in attendance there was no way I would just be in and then out.
I had to snap a selfie before I left. Shoes are From Mi To You. Do you like my phone case?
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    Awesome! I will be picking up the two books you mentioned! Thanks for the information!

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    Looks like a HUGE success!! Glad you had fun! 🙂


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