Potty Life: Update

I blogged about potty training my daughter some months ago, okay a year ago. I suck, I didn’t realize it had been that long until I looked back. {Hey, judge free zone.} I ran out and got all the things I would need a year ago.

Tips for Potty Training
  1. A Potty
  2. Potty Training Panties
  3. Seat protectors
  4. Portable Potty
  5. Kid not included 

Tips for Potty Training

{LittleCuteLips is sitting on her portable potty in the bottom right corner.  #4}
Her legs look really long sitting on it, I promise she is only 2.
I had everything I needed but the right attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I’m tired of buying cases of pull ups, changing her in complicated outfits, taking off her shoes, while trying to give her privacy and dragging around her book bag of supplies.

Tips for Potty Training
This is the portable potty, it was less than $15. It comes with disposable bags with a padded liner to absorb as needed. It also came with a little carrying bag; it’s small and doesn’t take up much space at all. {This is my opinion, no one has paid me to use this product.}
Despite having all of these things I wasn’t ready…
My children are 7 years and 2 months apart. My son will be 10 in six months. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve potty trained a kid? LONG TIME!
I’m always honest so let me go ahead and tell you it wasn’t one of my favorite stages of motherhood. With that said obviously it’s necessary.
When we potty trained our son life was much slower for us. The parents outnumbered the kids and we had no idea what we were signing up for as new parents.
Well I know what I’m singing up for and that is why my daughter is 2 years 4 months and I’m just now taking this seriously. I promised her she would be potty trained before she was two and a half years old. {judge free zone.} I’ve kept my word and she will be potty trained before July 12th.
Yes, hello abandoning a shopping cart full of groceries in the middle of the aisle with melting ice cream to make a mad dash to the potty for a 2 year old that may or may not be telling the truth about having to pee. 
I said we would wait until it’s warm so she isn’t wearing so many clothes. It was extra cold this winter so trying to pull down her jeans with tights and socks and an onesie would be problematic.
Then I said let’s do the 3 days potty training boot camp and just knock it out. See, the way our life is set up we just don’t have any free weekends.
So here we are in the back half of May and I’ve found the right attitude. I’ve decided to put Nori in panties in the evening until bath/bedtime.
I would sit her on the potty every 30 mins.  At first she was annoyed and didn’t want to sit on the potty when instructed to do so. She quickly got over that the first time she actually used the toilet. She was excited and I was excited. I needed that small victory more than she did. That evening she would remain dry until bath/bedtime.
Potty – x2
Toilet – x3
Umm yes hello! My child went to the bathroom 5 times. You know there was dancing right? Oh, oh okay. While giving her a bath she yelled out she had to pee and I picked her up and sat her on the toilet dripping wet. She used the bathroom and was PROUD. I was proud. This is my baby girl yall, my only daughter and my last child. THERE WILL BE NO MORE!

I kept this up and we are still going strong. Nori has been dry every evening while wearing her panties. She was even dry overnight. She is ready and finally Mommy is ready.

I’m both celebrating and mourning at the same dag on time. OH LAWD SHE WON’T NEED ME ANYMORE. A bit dramatic I know, but I’m telling you it’s totally happening.

What has your potty training experience been like?

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  1. Mimi

    My daughter went quickly. I dedicated an entire week to the process when she was a little over one. Within 3 weeks we were totally done. She was much easier than my son. They say girls are easier than boys and that was definitely my experience.

    • Mimicutelips

      So far this has been a much easier experience for me. I’m so thankful because I didn’t have the fight in me the second time around. YAY GIRLS!!!! Sunday we go all panties all the time except bedtime and long trips.

  2. Divas With A Purpose

    I can so relate to this! We’ve been struggling for about a year now. I had just finished potty training my youngest son (that was a beast!) when I had my daughter and Mommy’s just tired!!! Yeah, the last minute, late night pull up runs frustrate me sometimes but we are working on setting up the right attitude for all of us.

    • Mimicutelips

      Believe me I know this feeling 100%, I will be proud to say I am DONE POTTY TRAINING CHILDREN. You will find the right attitude and it will be easier for everyone. Good luck!

  3. MJ

    I so needed this post. LOL and LOL! I had to confess to my fellow mommies that I am not ready. Zoe is mostly ready although she thinks the potty is a new toy. It’s me. I am not ready. Not because I want her to stay a baby. I DON’T! I have commitment issues and potty training is a commitment. LOL. We shall see how it goes. Thanks for sharing your journey and truths. I must find that travel potty. When and where did you use it?

    • Mimicutelips

      ahahahhaha MJ, you are not alone. I got the travel potty from but I believe amazon has it as well. We mostly use it when we are out and about. Sometimes she will use a public bathroom. If she hasn’t gone in a while I will make her use it in the truck before we run errands. The clean up is really easy and minimal. I think she likes using the potty in the truck over public bathrooms. lol

  4. Adanna

    Girl, I’m with you on potty training being one of the toughest spots in parenting. Like you my attitude was more of the problem than my daughter. Once I buckled down and out her in her panties and focused on the successes she knocked it out the ball park in one week. Thanks for linking up #rattleandroll

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