Saving some Boobies!

Everyone loves boobies, we rub boobies in my family and they have saved lives. This weekend my family and I participated in the Race for the Cure. It’s our annual tradition; it started as something I did with my Babe and his family because my Mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor. As of 2012 my mother was officially a breast cancer survivor too. I’ve blogged about our experience with HERE! Now we do it together with both sides of our family. We walk in honor of our mother’s, the many women and men too that are currently battling breast cancer, those that have lost their battle and those that will be diagnosed.

A year or so ago Susan G. Komen changed the Breast Cancer walk to the Saturday before Mother’s Day. On this day I used to host my annual Tea Party now we do the walk together.

race for the cure dc
Claudette is Mommy & Lola is my Mother-in-law
race for the cure dc
Mommy, Mi & LittleCuteLips. My girl is NOT a morning person.
race for the cure dc
I’m always festive, I love me some funky tights. I got these from Forever21 My Five Fingers are a favorite.
race for the cure dc
This is the crew, my Father-in-law pushing my daughter, my son feeding his very demanding little sister trail mix and both of their grandmothers beside them.  My Babe ran this year, he started the run late and still finished in 26th place. He was already done by the time we started walking.
race for the cure dc
They were tired but they did it 3.1 miles. #survivors 2014
race for the cure dc
Us minus the men folk.
race for the cure dc
If you see a fountain you must stop, and Granddad must give you money to toss in and make a wish. I hope their wishes come true.
race for the cure dc
On the train back home we are tired.
race for the cure dc
We had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, I hope you did too. Remember early detection is the best way to beat breast cancer. Do your self exams at home and get your mammograms. Did you hear what I said DO YOUR SELF EXAMS AT HOME! That is how my Mommy discovered her lump.
HERE is a great resource of information; you can learn how to do a self exam HERE. We will do it again this time next year. Join us!
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  1. Joy Christi

    That is SUCH a great tradition! Great pictures, super cute leggings and shoes. I used to do the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for breast cancer, in Chicago, until they decided last year not to do Chicago anymore 🙁 I still donate, and I should find a local one-day walk like this one. Great cause!

    • Mimicutelips

      Thanks Joy, I love me some funky tights. lol I’ve never participated in the 3 day event but I’ve heard a lot about it. I don’t know it I could even walk that long. lol It would be awesome if you could find a local one.

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