I popped my Cherry #BlogHer14 Style!

My BFF and I impulsively planned to go to BlogHer in October of last year. In five minutes we had purchased our conference tickets, booked a flight and hotel. Done! We were all set, with nine months to wait. hahahahaha

Finally the time had come and we were excited. The kickoff party was on Thursday it was a Selfiebration and the first full day of conference was on Friday. The big day was on Saturday, Arianna Huffington and Kerry Washington were both speaking. MAJOR! To top that off Rev. Run of RUN-DMC was hosting the close out party. WHAT!!!

Now let’s break down the trip as it really played out, it was a total adventure. I’m going to skip the part where we were supposed to fly from L.A. to San Jose only we missed our crop duster but managed to get on a flight to San Fran at no additional cost. SCORE!

BlogHer14 -1

Hotel View of San Jose, CA

The roof top view of the mountains was beautiful. We stayed at the Marriott next to the Convention Center. The hotel smelled amazing, I’m talking first day of a reed diffuser good at all times amazing.  I don’t know if they were pumping the aroma out via the air ducts or what but I was impressed. Even the elevators smelled good and had mood lighting. Too bad I didn’t have my man with me; they kept the mood set up in that piece.
BlogHer14 -2

Crazy San Francisco hills.

Hello Thursday, we had a little rest, but not much because we are still on East Coast time. We got some grub and headed out to explore San Francisco.  It was about an hour ride from San Jose.  The picture of the left is us driving up the streets of San Francisco. It’s so damn steep you are just looking at the sky. It was freaky. When you go down it’s so steep you can see where people scrapped the bottom of their cars on the street. On top of that they only had stop signs at each intersection. Is this safe? By the by the homes in this area were really nice and big. The others we passed not so much, they needed a good power wash and lots of touch up paint. The styling was real Miami like but nothing like we have at home. But we didn’t have time to stalk the Full House house. Duh you know everyone does that.

Driving around and getting it. lol Ignore our valley girl voices. I didn’t think we sound like this when we speak. We put locations in the GPS and just went for it. There were no warnings about the driving conditions. No one was harmed in the filming of this video. Ha!
San Francisco, California - Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge in the back ground.


Hey now, I’m a lil’ bougie in Cali.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

The fog is a straight creeper, it wasn’t there 5 mins ago. {See other pic above} but it has totally taken over.


If you know me, then you know how I feel about Target.

However, THIS Target charges $0.10 per bag. WHAT! That’s just rude, I did get two really cute dresses though.

BlogHer14 -7

When you arrive at San Jose Airport you were greeted by this BlogHer sign. After exploring San Francisco and some of San Jose we returned our rental in time to get ready for the BlogHer Selfiebration Thursday evening.
What is a selfiebration you ask? Just what is sounds like, a party that encourages us to do what we already do. Take a bunch of selfies only this time you won prizes when you’ve posted them. This theme continued throughout the conference.
BlogHer14 -8


Selfies for days, I won some nice stuff. My favorite was a $250 gift card to Sports Authority from Chucke Cheese. I got lots of coupons for free Angel Soft toilet paper, shoot that stuff cost and we all need it. My kids loved the McDonald coupons for free Happy Meals. This means more sweet tea for me. I’m an avid Shutterfly user so I was excited about the free coupons from them. All the vendors had lots of great giveaways, my other favorite that my Babe has taken was the portable charger from Skype.

Oh, she is cute!

This picture was up on the slideshow during the conference. This vendor booth was a DIY flower headband, yall know I was all in my element with this one.
BlogHer14 -10

Me on the big screen.

BlogHer14 -10

Sonic slushie w/ Nerds Candy

Vendor Score: Sonic & Baskin Robbins were there so we had slushies’ and ice cream every day. Cherry slushy with nerd candy from Sonic was a lot fun in your mouth.


The Bloggess.

This is The Bloggess, I hadn’t heard of her until the conference. She started out by saying “If you don’t like cursing then now is the time to leave.” She kept us laughing, she is real random and her discussions jump all over the place. As a person who does the same thing I so appreciate it. She told a crazy story of how she purchased her hair from a kiosk in an airport on her way here. CLASSIC! What’s even better is she is a New York Times Best Seller. She autographed my book, I can’t wait to read it, and I know it’s hilarious.
BlogHer14 -12

The Bloggess


The amazing David Tutera

David Tutera is EVERYTHING! I’ve watched his event planning shows, I’ve purchased his craft line in JoAnn’s and now he is a line with Dixie. We chatted about his new CELEBrations show and how it was hosting Lil Kim’s baby shower. He kept is so real, I loved that.

Me & Carin – If this day is going to be epic than we need to capture it in a selfie.

First up was Arianna Huffington, for those in the real cheap seats Arianna owns the Huffington Post. I’d seen her on the Wendy Williams show a few weeks prior and she was hilarious. She did not disappoint in person. She grew up poor and has carved out an amazing life for herself. Isn’t that the American Dream?
Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post

Let me tell you what puts her over the top for me. She had a press conference to get to after our event. However there were a lot of people still in line to get their books signed. They said “We have to cut the line at Mimi, she will be the last one.” I was excited that I made the cut but Arianna told them she would cut the press conference short so she could continue to sign the books for those still in line. LOVE THAT!
BlogHer Lips8

The Mrs are an experience.

TheMrs were amazing, they are a new rock band and they performed their new single I’m Enough. The kicker is they are five women who are/were everyday women that decided they wanted to form a rock band. They aren’t early 20’s like most bands and I absolutely love that. Own who you are and who you desire to be. Their booth in the exhibit hall was amazing. We posed with these cute affirmations. Then you went to the mirror for an experience. {See Carin in the middle pic} I won’t tell you what happens because I don’t want to ruin it. I love their can do attitude and kick ass heels.

We came back to find these stickers on our beds and mirrors.

BlogHer Lips16

Next up, Ms. Kerry baby! {You were supposed to sing it like the song}

Demetria Lucas a.k.a A Belle in Brooklyn interviewed Mrs. Kerry Washington. She did a great job asking the secret questions about Scandal and of course her husband and new baby. As expected Kerry was a total class act all the way. There were a few cute moments during the interview that stood out. A baby in the room started crying and Kerry stopped and commented on the baby. She went on to say how she is such a new Mom every time she hears a baby crying she immediately turns her head. As a Mom we totally get it. Later in the interview an attendee sneezed and Kerry stopped her interview to say “God Bless You”. Cute right, we thought so too and laughed a bit.
There is a MUCH BIGGER story here, but I will share that at a later date. 😉
Demetria Lucas - A Belle in Brooklyn

Demetria Lucas – A Belle in Brooklyn

After I shared the above picture on IG and Twitter A Belle in Brooklyn re-tweeted them. MY TIME LINE WENT OFF! I had at least 40 new followers on IG and Twitter.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

After hearing Kerry this happened. My favorite Kardashian was at the Hairfinity booth. Khloe snapped pictures with anyone who wanted one. She had on some hot gold Loubs, but the new butt was odd looking. Her personality was friendly just like I expected it to be. She said “Hi, how are you?” to every single person. I loved that.

Natural Hair Rules & Ok Dani!

I met the amazing Tamara a.k.a Natural Hair Rules and Dani a.k.a OkDani. These girls were really sweet, it was as if we’d known one another for a long time. I love when I connect with people like that. We would sit together for several sessions during the days.

Elisa BlogHer

This is Elisa, she is one of the three Co-Founders of BlogHer. She is an incredible person. I met her for the first time in June at the Blogging While Brown conference. I will never forget her as long as I live.  I will post more at a later date.

Rev Run of Run DMC

The close out party was sponsored by McDonald’s and hosted by the iconic Rev Run of RUN DMC. I was front row the entire time, when I say it was an old school party.

IT WAS A MOFO OLD SCHOOL PARTY. He partied hard and we partied harder. We sang the songs of our youth to the very tops of our lungs. {So much so we either sound like men the next day or had no voice at all.}
Blog Her Rev Run Run DMC
Then this totally happened, yes Run totally took a selfie with me. EEEK!

Sorry for the f – bomb. This night was beyond epic.


RUN DMC Tank + Rev Runs Sweat Towel

I totally sweated out this tank top I had on. Apparently “I got ups” Run tossed this sweat cloth out and I jumped up and snatched it out of the air. I don’t have a real need for it but I was so in the moment. I partied like I was 21 again. I totally fan’d out.

What happens in Cali does NOT stay in Cali!

Have you been to BlogHer? What was your experience like? Chat with me in the comment section below or FBIG or Twitter.

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  1. Sarah Honey

    Awesome! Just awesome! It was so nice meeting you! And your a Bloppy too!

  2. Khaliha Dunn

    Love the blog title!! You ladies did a wonderful job!! Awesome trip!

    • Mimicutelips

      Ha, funny the title popped in my head while I was taking a nap on the return flight. I had to go with it, plus its catches your attention.

  3. Carin Kilby Clark

    Haha… I love the recap! It was a damn good time and we will keep it going at the next conference – whatever and wherever that may be. Love having my bestie roll dog to take these adventures with. Meeting new people is great too, but nothing beats having a tried and true by your side. XO

    • Mimicutelips

      Thanks, I think it’s my longest post ever. I’m glad I was able to recap all the excitement that took place. I’m so ready to take on our next event, they just keep getting better. It really makes a difference when you can roll with a bestie. We going to be old doing this. ahahhahaha

    • Carin Kilby Clark

      Haha @ old doing this… hell yea!

  4. Natasha Bernard

    Wow…BlogHer is getting down like that? Looks like you had a fabulous time.

    • Mimicutelips

      Natasha, I had no idea this was how they got down. This is my first time attending. It was a hit for sure. My goal for next year is to be sewing and attend Mimi’s conference. It looks like yall had a good time.

  5. Whitney James

    Girl, I had no idea BlogHer was like THIS! I really enjoyed following you via-Instagram. So glad you had an amazing time!

  6. Shannon @ Reading Has Purpose

    Tamara is a doll! And blogger made me rethink my traditional definition of conferences. It was a trip well worth it. And now I’m itching to go to Blogalicious.

    • Mimicutelips

      She really is. Yes, they certainly set the bar in terms of what a “conference” is. I hope everyone moves to this style. lol I can’t make Blogalicious this year but I will be there for sure in 2015.

  7. Robin Hardeman

    Ok you met David Tutera, that’s enough for me, love him. What am awesome event, so hate I missed it! But looks like you had a blast!

  8. Aussa Lorens

    Damn girl, you tore it up! While I was off wandering around trying to find potable water you were meeting every single influential person in the place! Awesome.

    Next year– canteens.

  9. Ayana Pitterson

    LOOOVEEEED reading this post! I want to go next time. I have to go next This looked absolutely amazing.

    Thrifting Diva

  10. Kitty

    I’ve never been yet, but thanks for the peeks at one of them!! 😀

  11. Dionne Anntoinette

    I definitely need to get to a blogher conference one day

  12. Sharelle D. Lowery

    I wish that I would have met you sis!!!

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