Month: August 2014

Dirty Little Secrets for the end of Summer

Growing up summer seemed like such a long time, as a parent it seems way to short. I feel robbed, those 10 weeks come and go before you've done all that you planned to do back in June.  The reality is summer is over, the temps have been cooler in the DMV area and school starts in two days. Even though we purchased new school uniforms a few weeks ago we {the parents} still weren't ready to let summer go. So we decided to have a little last days of summer fun before we are back to signing 25 forms the first week of school, fighting over homework, staying up way too late working on school projects and getting back to our early to bed, early to rise routine. So this is what we did...
Chrisette Michele Rich Hipster

Chrisette Michele Rich Hipster & MimiCuteLips

The talented Grammy Award winning singer-song writer Chrisette Michele hosted a Press Conference with a bunch of her fave bloggers. {Her words not mine. lol} MimiCuteLips was one of them. {Insert The Jefferson's theme song here} Last week Chrisette launched Rich Hipster; it's her blog space to display more outside of the box type of things. It will give you a peek into who she really is as a person while still connecting her music, style, art and journey to vegan-ism.